10 glittery stuff ideas to spark your home decoration 2

Loving something sparkling? Glitter is the answer to your desire. Here, you can apply the glitter to your home decoration to let you really close with something you love. Well, it won’t only about the ornament but also other stuff that exists in your home. Let’s say that you can have the glass with glitter, mason jar that can be used as a decorative candle, vase, or pencil holder. There are still so many ideas where you can apply the glitter to your home stuff where we will show you 10 of them. Of course, you can still have the other items. Just do it based on your imagination and creativity. Now, let’s move to the following ten glittery stuff ideas!


Glittery Glass


Using glass to complement your home decorating ideas is a dancing idea. You can coat the glass with glitter gold to make it look more beautiful and attractive. Then placing it on the table will become an attractive focal point in your home. Gold Glittery Glass from Hometalk.

Glittery Decorative Candle


Candles are one of the ornaments that can enhance your home decor. You can use jars to make beautiful and attractive candle holders. Sprinkle the jar with white and purple glitter then add a pink ribbon on top so it looks pretty and attractive. Glittery Candle Holder from Stylemotivation.

Glittery Vase


Using a mason jar to complement your home decor is a creative idea. You can use a mason jar to make a pretty floral vase by coating it with glitter. It doesn’t have to be entirely, coating part of the vase with pink glitter will make your vase look beautiful. Pink Glittery Vase from Thesweetestoccasion.

Glittery Champagne Bottle


You can coat the Champagne bottle with glitter to complete your decor so it will look more attractive. Choosing gold glitter to coat the Champagne bottle is an interesting idea that will give it a classy look. Placing it on the table will bring its own charm to your decor so that it looks better. Gold Glitter Champagne Bottle from Topinspired.

Glittery Planter


Using a terracotta planter to complement your home decor is an interesting idea. You can paint it purple and add glitter all over the terracotta pot. Then you can use it to sink the sequin and place it on the table so that it will bring a natural freshness to your d├ęcor. Purple Glitter Planter from Artsyfartsymama.

Glittery Bowl


Completing your coffee table decoration with a bowl is an interesting idea so that it will bring its own charm. You can use a gold glitter bowl so that it will present a luxurious and classy look. Then placing it on the table will make it a simple yet attractive decoration. Gold Glittery Bowl from Icreativeideas.

Glittery Pencil Holder


Doing a DIY project making a pencil holder is a creative idea to complement your home decor. You can use foam to make a pencil holder which will save you money but still be attractive. Then you can sprinkle it with glitter so that it will make your pencil holder look fabulous. Glitter Foam Pencil Holder from Wonderfuldiy.

Glittery Ornament


Christmas Ball is one of the ornaments that you can use to complement your decoration. Try coating the christmas ball with red glitter so that it looks bright and shiny. Then you can hang it on the christmas tree so it will look stunning. Red Glitter Christmas Ball from Twosisterscrafting.

Glittery Frame


You can use frames to complement your home decor so that it will present its own charm. Try making your own frame at home to express your creativity at a low cost. Making gold glitter frames is an interesting idea so it’s perfect for bringing a sparkling look to your decor. Gold Glitter Frame from Thesawguy.

Glittery Curtain


Try to complement your home decor with a curtain to make it look more complete. Choose to use a glitter curtain to treat your window to make it look more classy. Choosing a rose gold colored glitter curtain will present a cute appearance so that it can inspire everyone who sees it. Rose Gold Glittery Curtain from Ideastand.

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