When it comes to finding your refuge, there cannot be anything more significant than your home. It is the only place where you probably feel safest and relaxed. And the decor of your home interiors has a considerable role to play in it. A well-designed and amply lit area filled with all the things you hold close to your heart can go a long way in calming you down while relieving your stress levels. 

If the rooms are cluttered and messy, the effect will be just the opposite for your mental health and affect your mood in the longer term. This calls for a home transformed into a personal sanctuary that will be your go-to place at all times. If you have wished to create a stress-free environment you can come back to after the end of a tiring day, this article is just for you.

Prioritize Comfort

As human beings, we all feel a need for a strong net of safety and security around ourselves at all times. And that is exactly what we all strive to find inside our homes. No matter how small the comforts are, little things like the right temperature and psychological comforts act like a mix of familiarity and stimulus to ease. So, coming to boosting your comfort level at home, you can begin by taking your attention to little things. For example, instead of a regular sofa cover, it is better to go for softer silhouettes like silk for a therapeutic softness. Quite similarly, instead of trying to find solace in platform beds, it would be wise to find suitable box springs for extra support. They are also responsible for increasing the overall height of your bed and gives you an additional support system to lie your body weight comfortably while relaxing. 

To make matters cozier, you can also try implementing more subtle changes. Like, if you feel that your hard flooring is an unpleasant feeling in the mornings, you can put a little rug or bed runner for your feet to remain warm. Or, if you are someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen and may lose your breath cooking on a large scale for your family. In such a scenario, you can add a comfortable settee outside the area for you to relax. It is your home, which is why you are free to do your thing when it comes to adding the comfort factor.  


The more chaos you have around you, the more anxious you’d feel. For this reason, having a general organization around the place will help you to remain calmer. Generally, the belief is that the more knick-knacks and disorganization you have around an area, the more it creates visual tension, resulting in physical stress. For a place brimming with stuff, the idea is to focus on a single area. For example, the entrance of your home. 

Once you’re done with an area, you can move on to the next, gradually decluttering each and every space in your home. You can take the help of an oversized basket and tuck it away in the corner if you need to keep toys, blankets, and other things for quick reach. Take it from us that it will feel very satisfying to manage all that mess, not to mention getting some extra space to the room. Tackling little areas and decluttering as you go will motivate you to further get rid of all the unnecessary things, revealing more room out of existing spaces.

Pay Attention to Neuroaesthetics

As established above, the household’s disarray may result in you feeling more anxiety, kicking in sentiments of worry and stress. But at the same time, some sort of organized complexity, as observed in fractal patterns in nature, acts as a soothing distraction in a home. Like the right temperature and amount of sunlight, absorption is essential to regulate the body’s circadian rhythm. Similarly, texture holds its importance too. It helps to calm down the mind as humans have an active, imaginative interaction with the environment for prolonged periods. 

Looking at things with varying textures can stimulate the same kind of sensations as interacting with them. This is the reason why watching layerings of weathered antiques, natural materials like wood, marble, stone, linen, and handmade furnishings look soothing. These textures are easily identifiable. Because this visually enticing quality seems to connect with the subconscious and soul, thus making anyone feel the instant touch with them comfortable. 

Bring in Aromatics

Imagine stepping into a house filled with a pleasant aroma? The pleasing smell helps to uplift your senses without even doing anything much instantly. That is the effect that aromatics have on your olfactory senses. It is one of the quickest ways to induce relaxation and a general sense of well-being. To have a house smelling wonderful at all times, you can have your favorite bottle of room freshener ready to spritz whenever you like it. Alternatively, you can also burn scented candles or place fresh and fragrant flowers at different positions in the house. 

If you wish to go a little crafty, you can boil some hot water with cinnamon sticks and orange peels for a beautiful and long-lasting scent inside the house. Or, you can also run an essential oil diffuser to fill the room with signature blends of the pure headiness of aroma. You can pick one fragrance on its own, like eucalyptus, lavender, geranium, lemongrass, or chamomile. Alternatively, you can also make an amalgamation of your choicest few to bring a sheer soothing and spa-like quality environment within the confines of your home. 

In addition to the things mentioned above, you can also add in little personal touches to make the place get a healing quality. For example, display items that you can associate with your happy childhood like family pictures, souvenirs collected on travels, etc. These will help you feel instant happiness, thinking about the memories attached. On top of that, amplifying mother nature by placing small plants and shrubs around the house will help you feel connected to the natural surroundings, which is an excellent way to destress. 
Taking care of the tiny facets of your home, like choosing softer textiles for upholstery, are also a great way to create an environment fit to calm down anxiety. Creating your zone to relax at the end of a busy day surrounded by personal belongings will help too. All these will help to soothe you. Irrespective of the size of the house, the environment it creates has the potential to affect your productivity, mood, energy levels, and attitude. We hope that reading this helps you make a space where you can relax, unwind, feel comfortable, organized, and, most importantly, at peace.

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