Most apartment lease agreements have steep penalties written in for tenants who redecorate in ways the landlord has to reset after they move out. That rules out repainting for almost everyone, but it can also make the choice to hang pictures, shadow boxes, or even floating shelves because of the cost of repair if the patches put over the nail holes don’t satisfy the landlord’s color match. So what can you do to decorate without damaging the walls? Here are three great ideas that work almost anywhere.

1. Use Adhesive Putties and Patches

Adhesive options have long been a choice for those with brick and cinderblock walls because they don’t require any holes like nails and traditional hangers. There are a lot of brands out there, some of which are more removable than others. Typically, any of them can be cleaned with determination, but finding the balance between sticky enough and easy to remove can take time.

If you use a putty that allows you to portion it instead of patches, remember to warm it up and make it tacky first. Most putties require a little rolling in the palm of the hand like modeling clay does to get loose, and while it is warm it will be stickier, leading to a better bond after cooling. Adhesive patch hangers can also be found as a replacement for hooks and nails for heavier items, making it easier than ever to find a safe way to hang your framed nature art.

2. Try Removable Wallpaper

There is such a thing as wallpaper that’s designed to be removed easily and without damaging the paint or finish underneath. You’ve just got to find the people who make your favorite print or color in a blend that is meant to be removable. Some types will be built for temporary construction, like set decoration or corporate presentations. Others will be built for semi-permanence. Even if you just add a basic beige wallpaper, it can really warm up a room, and removable wall paper makes it easy to do.

3. Hang New Materials

Whether it’s a sticky-backed mirror you can configure to just the right size and shape, a markerboard for your personal organization, or even a corkboard you can decorate with pins and pictures, there are a lot of options to cover your walls without poking holes in them. What do you want the room to do? The answer can lead you to your next design choice.

Cork boards are especially popular with photographers and artists because they allow for quick changes when there are new pictures to show off, but they can also be used to host posters quickly without the cost of a frame. That gives collectors an easy way to change up their display posters seasonally, too.

Get Creative

Nothing says your wall decor needs to be on the walls. Check out the way popular creators set up their personal recording booths. Often, those back walls are freestanding installations that can move where they want, and setting up your own false walls can add a new layer to your room’s look while helping control sound in and out of your apartment.

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