Having a toddler in the house is much fun, and the excitement shots through the roof when it discovers the joys of running around. As much as you may like that to happen, the fear of their safety and hygiene may always take up on your mind. This is the age when they are teething. As a result, they have a tendency to put things in their mouth which they see on the ground out of curiosity. This could be really harmful as there are germs and other elements on the floor, making them sick. So how do you keep your floors clean and tidy at all times? Here’s how.

Teaching them to clean on own

It acts as a helpful measure in cleaning and helps the children learn a crucial concept of discipline. There may be many toys and books that get strewn around in playing and learning, but they also need to be put back. The one thing that can teach good behavior and maintaining cleanliness is by putting them into specific places. For example, you can ask them to put the stuff in the basket distinguished by colors, shapes, or sizes. This is also something that will help them with their motor and cognitive skills. Choose a large basket or bag according to the toddler’s height, and use it for storing them. 

When playing with them, involve them in cleaning, instructing them to put them back after playing with them. You can also tie a lace or a string to drag it in places all around in the house. If there are older children present in the house, involve them too. This will further motivate the minors to do what their older siblings do.

Engaging in Cleaning Games

Children have a knack for doing fun activities around the house. You can take this opportunity to make them engaged in a mess cleaning activity disguised as a game. According to the experts at Maid For You, there are many places like cringes under the furniture and other areas that gather dust over time. To create a fun way of cleaning it, what you can do is devise a plan. 

Make a list of all the little tasks that you would want your child to accomplish. Roll a dice on the paper and where it stops would be the thing to do. Or you can also play pretend, where your kid can dress up in their favorite costume to do a particular cleaning chore. This is indeed an excellent way for the children to flex their muscles and get the job at hand done. 

Make it a fun process.

With a running child all over the house, cleaning can become tricky. But the one sure shot of getting it done is by being relaxed. You can switch over on your favorite music and keep on with the rhythm while you clean. 

To make it even more fun, you can also have your little one do the same with you. Or you can even play pick-things-by-the-color or brooming all floor crumbs in a designated colored square. By doing this, not only will they enjoy this new activity, but they will also become willing to pick things from the floor. To ensure that you always have the attention, get colorful brooms and cute-looking dustpans to channel their enthusiasm reasonably. 

The Last Word

Keeping the harmful things out of the way and cleaning the infrequent floors periods is a great way to ensure that they are thoroughly tidy at all times. Sanitizing them frequently and a no-shoes-inside-home policy will further help you to keep the house clean for your baby to wander wherever he or she pleases.

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