15 best backyard shades to avoid too strong sun exposure during summer2

It might be fun to enjoy the sunlight during summer. However, you should be careful with too strong sun exposure since that will be a risk for your skin to be burn. Also, the UV light won’t be good for your skin. To help you deal with that, you can install shades in your backyard. To utilize the shades becomes an additional beauty for your backyard decor, you can choose the one with a pretty unique pattern, color, and design. The kinds of the shade itself also really varied. You can choose the one based on your budget and the possibility of your garden installment. We have compiled 15 best backyard shades for your reference. Go down for the details.


Shade is one of the important things to complement your backyard decoration in your summer. The triangular blue sails will provide the perfect shade for your backyard. You can put some sails in your backyard to make it feel very shady and comfortable to relax in the summer. Blue Sails Shade from Thegardenglove.


To avoid sun exposure in your backyard, try adding some shade there. You can use a sliding wire canopy to create shade in your backyard so it will feel more comfortable. It is also easier to set up and adjust as needed. Sliding Wire Canopy from Thegardenglove.


Completing the backyard décor with a shade is the perfect idea so that it will protect your backyard from the hot summer sun. You can choose awning shade so you can adjust it as needed. Choosing a red Awning shade will give you a very bright summer look. Red Awning Shade from Thegardenglove.


Covering the pergola in your backyard in a shade is an interesting idea so that it won’t feel hot. You can use canvas fabric to create a shading structure for your backyard so it looks more creative. Choose a shade in a bright color so that it is suitable for your summer décor. Bright Canvas Shade from Thegardenglove.


A simple way to protect the Backyard from sun exposure is to add some shade there. Sail is a simple shade but will provide great shade in your backyard. Adding Hanging Chairs in the shade will make a nice place to shade from the hot sun. Ivory Shade from Lushome.


If you’re decorating a summer backyard, try adding some shade in there to create some coziness. Using the freestanding shade looks simple but still perfectly protects you from the sun. You can choose a shade pattern that matches the furniture’s motif so that it will look matching and more beautiful. Green Striped Shade from Lushome.


Adding some shade to the backyard is a great idea for summer decor. You can choose folding shade so that it is more practical and can be adjusted according to our needs. Awning shade with a striped pattern will bring an eye-catching look to your backyard and can serve as inspiration. Striped Folding Shade from Lushome.


The White Shade in the backyard will protect you from the hot summer sun so it feels more comfortable. Completing it with curtains is the right idea so that it will look more perfect. Then you can open the curtain during the day and close it at night so it will feel more comfortable. White Backyard Shade from Lushome.


Building a Pergola in the backyard is an interesting idea to complement your summer backyard decor. The white pergola with vines on the roof will be a natural shade that will give coolness to your backyard. Then you can place the chairs and table on the pergola so that it will be the most comfortable place to relax. White Pergola Shade from Lushome.


Try adding some shade to your summer backyard décor to provide protection from sun exposure. Choosing to build a pergola in a white shade in your backyard is an interesting idea so that it will protect you from the hot sun and still look elegant. White Backyard Shade from Homebnc.


Awning are one simple shade you can use to complement your backyard décor. You can set up a tent by using a milk can anchor so that it will provide its own power. Shades that opt for red and striped motifs will provide a bright and attractive feel in summer. Striped Awning Shade from Homebnc.


Yellow Shade that is installed in the backyard will provide protection against exposure to the harsh sun. You can choose a yellow awning shade so it looks simple and looks bright. Placing lounge chairs there will enhance your backyard decoration so it’s more perfect. Yellow Awning Shade from Homebnc.


Adding some shade to the backyard is one of the right ideas for summer decor. Choosing an Overlapping shade will provide the perfect comfort in your summer backyard. You can use two sails to create an overlapping shade so it looks simple but still works well. Overlapping Shade from Homebnc.


Big umbrella is one shade that you can use to complement your backyard decor. Choosing a big umbrella with a striped pattern will present an attractive appearance in your backyard. Adding chairs and tables there, will make it the perfect place to relax with a myriad of comfort. Striped Umbrella from Tatertotsandjello.

Drop cloth decorating
Drop Cloth Decorating

Using a drop cloth shade for your backyard decoration is one creative idea. So that it will provide perfect shade in your summer backyard and feel more comfortable. Choosing a drop cloth shade in bright colors will bring the perfect summer feel to your backyard so that it can inspire everyone who sees it. Drop Cloth Shade from Decoist.

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