Owning a home is a one-time investment for many. Undoubtedly, as a homeowner in Florida, you always wish to improve the efficiency of your home for two reasons. First, saving energy has a positive impact on your property. Secondly, enhanced efficiency enables you to cut down on energy bills. 

Did you know that homes in the United States consume approximately 45% of the energy? And, an average American pays out $250 to $400 as their energy bills. These can even rise due to outdated utilities. 

On the other hand, when you upgrade all the cooling and heating systems at your home, you will automatically save enough dollars on the utility bills. So, if you are looking forward to making your home energy efficient, you need to make some upgrades which include:

Opt for Solar Panels: These are some of the best alternatives to generate renewable energy. They help you save energy and reduce the power bills by avoiding energy extraction from the grid. Not only this, but they also give you an excellent return on your investment. 

For this reason, they are pretty popular among homeowners. However, as per the Florida Solar Panels experts, you must opt for a solar photovoltaic system right for your home. Besides this, you must ensure to use the latest PV technology for better energy savings. 

Insulate Walls and Attic: Insulation reduces the heat flow in the house during the winters and summers. As a result, your house will require less heat to cool or heat your home. On the contrary, when your home has no attic insulation and has conventional stud walls, it can increase the energy bills. 

Thus, rightly placed fiberglass, cellulose, and foam insulation elements can lower down the heat conduction. 

Replace the Old Windows: Older homes usually have damaged and leaky windows. However, irrespective of your home‘s age, if you see that windows have turned old, consider replacing them. 

This will increase the efficiency with tight-fitting weather stripping. Also, Storm windows are an economical way to improve the efficiency of older and single glazed windows. Further, the single-pane windows can help in saving money in the longer run. 

However, many homeowners think that it is an expensive task to upgrade the windows. But, if you do, you’ll end up saving some amount.  For example, depending on the number of windows you are replacing you can save around $120 dollars to $400 dollars in a year. 

Shift to Modern Lighting Solutions: Improving the lighting and shifting to LED or CFL solutions will significantly impact the efficiency of your property. They have the potential to save almost three-quarters of the electricity. Also, the expense spent on the CFL is lower compared to the cost spent on the incandescent bulb. 

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to be particular and careful about the necessary improvements for enhancing your home’s energy efficiency. Trust us. These are worth spending your money on. Thus, we suggest you use the tips mentioned above to convert your abode into a sustainable paradise. 

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