Make a big statement with these best small backyard design ideas2

There are endless ways to utilize tiny spaces at home for various functions and purposes. In a small backyard, for example, you can build a comfortable, relaxing space or grow a mini garden. With a little planning and touch of your creativity, here are some small backyard design ideas to make a big statement in your tight space.



Cozy Place to Relax

All you need is to be settled in one well-designed sitting area. It could be simple benches, chairs, swings, or if possible, you can even add a hammock. Add a pop of colors by adding cushions; make sure you’re using outdoor materials.

Vertical Garden 

Affordable, easy, and spread joy in your small space – you can grow flowers, vines, and vegetables in a vertical garden. You can even use upcycled products to grow your vertical gardens, such as chicken wire planter, painted pallet planter, wooden planter, or upcycled plastic bottle. 

Outdoor Laundry Area

Looking for inspiration on what to do in the small backyard behind your kitchen? Why don’t you try this extraordinary small backyard design idea – transform it into an outdoor laundry? Install a simple roof to cover the washer from the weather damage. Another option is to build a backyard cabana that provides space for a washing machine, sink, storage, and dryer.


Creative Fish Pond

Building a fish pond in your backyard sounds like a cool idea. Add features like a waterfall, fountain, or bubbler to make it more attractive. To discourage the algae blooms, make sure your pond receives proper shade in the afternoon that keeps the water cool. 

Children’s Playground

Turn your backyard into a fun yet comfortable playground for your kids. There are a lot of ideas you can come to: build a simple sandbox, trampoline in-ground, swings, mini rock climbing, or even a simple DIY rocking seesaw made of old tires.

These small backyard design ideas prove that though we don’t have acres on acres on our backyard, we still have a lot of possibilities to get the most out of it to create a stunning yet functional space. 

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