Every home has a sewage system which tends to raise common yet severe plumbing issues. Whether it’s open-drain or leaking pipes, it can lead to many health problems for the people living around. 

Open drains – A significant challenge to conquer 

The open drains are no less than an open channel spreading viruses and diseases in the surrounding. However, these are required for discharging excessive rainwater, but at the same time, they may end up in many health issues if not maintained or cleaned frequently. Open drains and poorly maintained sewage pipes have become a significant reason for health hazards. Such spots are favorite homes to deadly diseases spreading plaque, infection, flu, etc. 

Poor toilet hygiene and sewage system – A cause of worry 

Minor negligence in not practicing toilet hygiene and leaving the sewage system unrepaired for long can cause health problems like diarrhea, melioidosis, salmonellosis, trachoma, and shigellosis. 

Its effects on the human body – 

Poor drainage and sewage systems are harmful in any manner. Some common side effects of open drains and poorly maintained sewage system includes – 

Disease – Keeping control of the number of water-related diseases is directly proportional to the effectiveness of eliminating the subsurface water. Open draining systems and leaky sewage pipes are a major reason for people getting sick. This happens due to the direct exposure to the fecal waste, water-related borne diseases, and agrochemicals. 

On top of this, some protozoa, bacteria, viruses, and flu become the strong transmitters of infection. A typical example of disease spread is Anopheles (a female mosquito that causes malaria). Besides this, snails are one of the great examples that transmit schistosomiasis. These insects act as a vector of disease, ending up in typhoid and cholera. 

Toxic build-up – Leaching water from big industries, agricultural lands are loaded with several pesticides and diseases. This turns the water into a toxic element that finds a million ways to enter the open drains and leaky sewage pipes. As a result, we see a harmful build-up of toxic chemicals in the form of flowing water.

We may see it as flowing water, but it is a significant threat to the neighboring residents at the risk of getting exposed to deadly gases. Such is its impact that sewer gas exposure can cause memory issues, hamper mental health while adding too many other health problems. This is the reason many health experts recommend draining or cleaning the contaminated water as soon as possible. Many medical reports have shown it as a significant cause of people suffering from predisposition, liver damage, congenital severe disabilities, development issues in the infant, and much more. 

Moreover, such issues can result in road deterioration which can cause you a heavy penalty at some point in your life. 

Takeaway –  

Sewage pipes and the drain systems can be two significant causes of infection spread within the surroundings or family members. And there is no point in adjusting to such conditions and deadly diseases when you know it only takes a clean sewage and drainage system to maintain it. 

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