Getting regular pest control by professionals is a basic prerequisite of owning residential property in Sydney since there can be a huge pest problem. From cockroaches, mites, and bugs, there seem to be a huge variety of destructive pests in Australia’s heavily populated regions. If you have bought an old house or already live in one, the chances are that the woodwork and basement may be at high risk of attracting pest damage. Apart from getting regular pest controls done professionally, you also have to maintain your house to avoid being a bullseye to various kinds of pets. Our blog today will discuss 5 ways in which you can keep your home free of pests.

  1. Keep the Kitchen Dry and Clean: Make sure there is plenty of fresh air being circulated in the kitchen to avoid the growth of mold and fungus. Check the areas for any leaks or dampness that could seep in through the walls due to old pipes or moisture surges. Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so make sure that all the eatables are kept stored in air-tight containers, perishables are stored well in the fridge and there are no crumbs, peels, or waste products lying out, attracting pests like cockroaches and other bugs. Make sure to dispose of kitchen waste daily.
  2. Regular Pest Control:  The elements can cause wear and tear to your property, but the pests that take advantage of such openings can be destructive if not controlled on time. By getting regular insect and Rodent pest control Sydney homes can ensure that their homes are protected throughout the changing seasons. The professionals do their jobs well and also provide a year-long warranty.
  3. Hygienic Bathroom and Toilets: Your toilets and bathrooms can be a common breeding ground for the most insidious types of pests. They not only are harmful to your house but also your health, so make sure that the bathroom and toilet are washed with antiseptic liquid or products every day. Do a deep clean once a week to make sure you catch all the corners and keep the areas free of moisture.
  4. Insect-Proof Storage: Your clothes and laundry are two of the most pest-prone areas, specifically for those like moths, mites, and silverfish. Be it paper filing cabinets, bookshelves, or your clothes rack, make sure that they are stocked with red cedar to wick away moisture and let its chemical properties keep pests at bay. You can also use silicone sachets but avoid using mothballs.
  5. Keep Your Pets Clean: Pets like dogs, cats, horses, and birds can be carriers of pests like lice, fleas, and mites that can cause dangerous diseases like Lyme disease or other allergies. Make sure that your pets are cleaned and dried well with pest-eliminating products that are gentle on their skin but do the job well. If you take them for walks and socialize them with other people’s pets, make sure to scan them regularly for the said pests.

We hope this article showed you new ways to safeguard your residence! To summarize the tips above, the most important factors of keeping a house pest-free are to steer clear of unwanted moisture and maintain proper hygiene. 

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