10 brilliant ideas to repurpose your old curtain2

It can be said that curtains are the things in your house that will be used for a long time. However, when you want to change it, the curtain will be still seen as good. It means that it is too dear to just keep it in your warehouse. Here, you can repurpose your old curtain to be something more functional. There will be awesome DIY creative ideas that you can copy where we have mentioned below. We will show you 10 brilliant ideas that will make you creative and give you something that can be useful for your life just by using your old curtain. Check them out!




If you have an old curtain, you can turn it into something more useful. You can make cloth napkins using old curtains. Don’t forget to sew on the edges of the napkin to make it look neater. Then you can complete the napkin with a ring to make it look more perfect. Old Curtain Napkin from Diyncrafts.

Fabric Garland


Maybe you need a garland to complete your home decor to make it look more perfect. Try to take advantage of the old fabric curtain to make the garland so it’s cheaper. First you can cut the curtain fabric, then you can string it with rope so that it becomes a garland. Then you can hang it in the closet so it looks perfect. Fabric Garland from Diyncrafts.

Tote Bag


Do not throw away old curtains that are no longer in use. You can use old curtains that are not used to make crafts. Try to make a tote bag using patterned old curtains so it will look creative at a low cost. You have to strengthen the seams on the tote bag so that it is safer when carrying a lot of things. Old Curtain Tote Bag from Diyncrafts.

Fabric Play Tent


Try to express your creativity by using old curtains that are not burnt. You can use old curtains to make a cloth play tent. Making a triangular play tent may look simple but still attractive and liked by children. Fabric Play Tent from Diyncrafts.

Table Runner


Reusing old curtains to complement your home decor is a creative idea that you should try now. You can make a tablecloth using the old curtain so it saves more costs. All you have to do is cut the old curtain into the tablecloth you want. After that you can sew the edges to make it look neater. Table Runner from Homehacks.

Chair Upholstery


To complete your home decor, try using old curtains to save more costs. You can use old curtains to make a chair upholstery so that your chair looks more attractive. Then you can display the chairs in the living room so that it will attract the attention of everyone who sees it. DIY Chair Upholstery from Homehacks.

Cushion Cover


You can use old curtains to make interesting cushion covers. First, you have to prepare equipment such as scissors, sewing equipment, free embroidery designs, and others. After that, you can cut the old curtain and sew it into a cushion cover. Then you are ready to use DIY cushion covers to beautify your cushions. Cushions Cover from Homehacks.



Mat is one of the home accessories that you must have to keep the floor clean. You can make DIY mat to express your creativity and save money. Use unused patterned old curtains to make a rectangular mat. Then you can place it in front of the door so it will look beautiful and will work well. Patterned Old Curtain Mat from Inmyownstyle.

Shoes Organizer


A shoe organizer is one of the things that must be in your home decor to make your shoe collection neater. You can use the old curtain to make a shoe organizer so that it looks creative at a low cost. Then you can hang it on the wall so it won’t take up much space. Old Curtain Shoes Organizer from Allfreesewing.



Don’t rush to throw away the old curtains that are no longer used! You can be creative with the old curtain. Try making an apron using an old curtain so that it saves more money. Don’t forget to sew the edges of the apron to make it look neater and not easily torn. Old Curtain Apron from Diyncrafts.

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