Going to remodel your bathroom and not installing a shower door? It’s a huge mistake. The addition of a shower door during the bathroom remodeling not only restrains the shower water to splash all-around in the bathroom, but it gives a new look and creates a big impact on the bathroom.

A new shower door can create a grand impression on the bathroom interior. However, choosing a shower door is also a big and important task. Here are the 4 common types of shower glass doors that you can consider during your bathroom remodeling.

Frameless Glass Doors


Frameless shower glass doors can make your small bathroom look spacious. These doors come in any size and fit in your desired place. Furthermore, frameless doors allow the flow of light and improve visibility.

One of the core benefits of having these doors is that they are easier to clean and there is less risk of mold build-up due to no seals around them.

Sliding Doors


If you struggle with less space, then the sliding glass shower doors are the best type of shower doors for your bathroom. Sliding doors are also known as bypass shower doors. A sliding glass door or bypass door generally consists of two to three shower glass panels. 

It is the most common type of shower glass door due to its capability to adjust in the least space and is easily available in different sizes and styles. These doors have rollers on the top and bottom rails that make their operation easier.

Hinged Door


The hinged shower doors are available in both framed and frameless shower door designs. These shower doors work like a normal door. With a factor of versatility, hinged doors reduce your space of shower enclosure as they open inwards. 

The hinged doors are ideal for the large bathrooms, as they need more space to open the door. This requirement makes them less popular for bathrooms with short space. Hence, the hinged shower doors are perfect for people with mobility problems, as they possess a large opening and plenty of space for the entrance. 

Round Shower Doors


Once again, the round shower glass panel best fits the bathroom with less space. However, these are widely used in the remodeling of large bathrooms. Round doors are easy to clean and there is less chance of finding any mold, mildew, or soap residue around them. 

It also helps to make your smaller bathroom look bigger. Round shower glass doors are versatile and can have one big door that opens outward or two small doors in the middle. 

In the end! 

Installing a shower door in your bathroom during the renovation makes it modern and gives it a luxurious look. The above-given types of shower doors are the most common types that you consider use in your remodeling project.

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