When it comes to cleaning up the home, whether annually, seasonally or each week, there’s a good chance you often don’t know where to start and find it incredibly frustrating to get the job done within a few hours or over the weekend. 

With that in mind, we have some tips to declutter your home with ease that are creative and a little different and will make your tidy up a tonne easier than usual. 

Take a look at our helpful ways to declutter below. 

1. Break the Clean Into Increments

As we all know, tackling a huge job without breaking it down into bite-sized chunks makes everything seem a lot harder. And with that, we suggest that to tackle the biggest of decluttering jobs you simply break down your to-dos into smaller segments. 

For example, nothing is going to get done easily if you’re struggling for hours with mounds of clutter, and so a short five to ten minute segment where you simply declutter and don’t stop is something to consider! Once you’ve tidied as much as you can, you should consider a dumpster rental new castle de to complete the job!

2. Fill a Trash Bag, or Have the Experts Do It 

Our second tip is to work to fill rubbish bags during each step of the way. 

If you find that you’re quite the hoarder, or there is just a lot of clutter to get rid of, work to fill as many trash bags as you can and make somewhat of a game out of your decluttering. Fill these bags as fast as you can with as many non-essentials as possible and you’ll start a race with yourself to tidy as fast as possible. Then when you have a tonne of bags filled with junk, you can simply call 1300 Rubbish and have them taken away with ease. 

3. Split Items Into 6-6-6 

As we’re aware, not everything that is clutter should be thrown away.

Though you may not have a use for it, someone else might, and so this is where our 6, 6 and 6 come into play. Try your hand at finding out if something is worth throwing away, or if you should keep it. You should be able to find six items to donate, six to throw away and six to recycle during your decluttering and this is going to make cleaning up a lot easier, more fun and a bit more green too – great news for everyone. 

4. Motivate with Before and After

Though you might not be a special guest on Better Homes and Gardens, nothing will get you more fired up and ready to go than taking some great before and after photos of the rooms you’re decluttering and rearranging. 

Use these photos to really push yourself to get the most out of your decluttering, and you might find that you’re even motivated to restyle and decorate a bedroom or living room simply to make the after photos look a whole lot better. Either way, you’re more motivated and going to find it a lot easier to clean and tidy. 

5. Ask a Friend for Some Help 

Our loved ones always come in clutch when it’s time to tidy up, and if you want to make light work of a huge decluttering project, then four hands work faster than two! 

Offer some fun incentives for your friends like drinks and dinner after the decluttering is done and you’re on the way to getting on top of your messes with next to no effort at all. 

It’s also good to keep in mind that your friends might be able to tell you what to throw away and what to keep, which is perfect for those who need that little extra push. 

6. Pretend You’re Seeing the Home for the First Time

One way to really get a good look at your home and make decluttering a little easier is to imagine you’re seeing the space for the first time. 

This will give you the chance to visually see what is cluttering the space and what shouldn’t really be kept in the house. For example, you might have boxes, packaging, rugs or essentially anything that has piled up and started making the home look a little messy, and so seeing your house as a first-timer will help make decluttering a little easier for you. 

The Takeaway 

With all of those points above out of the way, we’re able to see that cleaning and decluttering the home really can be made easier just by changing your approach. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, consider a different cleaning method and always start off with a plan and you’re going to be seeing a decluttered home in no time. 

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