Small flats may seem cosy, but unfortunately, they can get cluttered quite easily. If that is your problem, it’s only natural to maximise the space and make the rooms look spacious and comfortable. Fortunately, with several simple tips, it’s pretty easy to do so.

Whether you’re on a budget or not, there are various ways to make your home seem more expansive. Repainting the walls, adding more light, creating an open space or rebuilding your balcony – these are just some of the helpful tricks. Read on to learn more, and rethink your home interior design. 

Spruce Up Your Balcony

One great way is by making your balcony into an extension of your living space!  The balcony is the best place to escape on a busy day. Balconies are great because you can easily create an outdoor living space with a few changes. You can make small changes such as by adding some chairs and plants. Or bigger significant changes such as considering new balcony floor construction.

Use Mirrors to Reflect Light

Mirrors are a great way to make a room look larger. They reflect light, which makes the space appear brighter and larger. They can also be used to hide a mess or create a different look. It’s a win-win solution that will give you more space, especially if there aren’t any windows in your home.

Another option is getting rooflights for flat roofs – they make the building look more spacious and airy, enhance its interior design, and bring much more natural light into your home.

Don’t Paint the Walls the Same Colour as the Ceiling

If your walls are the same colour as the ceiling, it will make the rooms appear smaller and dark. To avoid this, choose a lighter shade for the walls than for the ceiling. It will make your home look much more spacious and brighter, and it will also create a relaxing atmosphere. Alternatively, you can paint one of the walls white or another light colour that is opposite to your main wall colour. This will help not only make the room look bigger but it will also make the room seem airier and more open. To make sure that the walls and ceiling fit the room, you might want to change the floor as well. If that’s the case, you can check out Integra Direct residential flooring.

Display Your Books Creatively

Bookshelves are great storage solutions, but they can also be used for display purposes too. Try not to stack your books side by side, as it will make the room look smaller. Instead, put them in a staggered pattern, placing some on top of others or putting some on top of the bookshelf itself. This way, you can store more books while creating an illusion of having more available space.

Use Vertical Shelving Units Instead of Horizontal Ones

Horizontal shelves can be quite bulky. If your room is small, it can end up taking up quite a lot of space. Instead, opt for vertical storage solutions like short shelves or cabinets with glass doors (glass doors allow more light to enter the room). Or simply use wall brackets to hang your objects on the wall – they will free up floor space without looking tacky or awkward in any way.

Create an Open Space by Eliminating Unnecessary Furniture

When your room is small, it can be pretty difficult to place all your furniture without blocking certain parts of the room from view. Still, it’s possible to create an open space with enough light by eliminating unnecessary furniture (that you may not need anyway). Donate it to someone who could use it, or simply leave it outside of your flat if you have enough storage space for it outside your home.

Hang Your Clothes Instead of Folding Them

You may think that hanging clothes is not an ideal way to store them, but you have to do what you can with what you have when you live in a small flat. A good way to store clothes in a small flat is to hang them instead of folding them (or storing them in drawers). You can hang them on hangers on hooks from the ceiling or walls or use railings systems to hang hangers from. This way, not only will you have extra storage space for other items, but you will also save plenty of time ironing! 

Build a Floating Shelf System for Your TV

If you have a small flat, it can get even smaller when you add a large TV to the mix. To avoid this, build a floating shelf system for your TV – it will feel more spacious, and it will also look great. 

Use Floor Cushions Instead of Chairs

Living in a small place means that sometimes you might need to sacrifice some comfort to save space. For example, if you need extra seating but don’t have enough room for an extra chair, you can simply use floor cushions instead of chairs. They’ll be just as comfortable, and they’ll also look great!

In Conclusion

It is a common misconception that living in a small space means sacrificing the things you love. In reality, there are plenty of ways to make your home feel bigger and more comfortable without breaking the bank or moving out. The creative solutions we have shared should help you maximise your living space.

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