Buying your dream house does not end your responsibilities with the purchase. You need to plan and design each of your rooms according to your tastes so that they look aesthetic. What is anyway better than returning to a well-decorated house after a tiring day? Thus, you need to spend a lot of time, money, and effort on designing your rooms as per your tastes and preferences. 

Here is a quick checklist and guide to set up your living room, where you spend most of your hours relaxing. This guide would not only help you to choose the correct items for your house but also ensure that they are of the best quality, at the best price. 


Sofas are the most important and comfortable furniture that you should have in your living room. Who does not like to stretch on a sofa after a hectic day at work? Sofas also enhance the aesthetics of your room. These soft and cozy pieces of furniture can make your living room look beautiful and comfortable.

It is best if you could match or contrast the color of your sofa with the paint on your walls. Or, you can use a particular theme to set up your entire living room. Such an idea is both innovative and aesthetic.  

While you choose a sofa for your living room make sure you ask yourself a few questions. How many guests do you want each sofa to accommodate? Do you want a single sofa or a large solid one? These questions help you to choose the right size and type of sofa for your living room. You should also be aware of the kind of sofa you get if you have pets or kids at home. 


If you want your living room to look clean and tidy, curtains are a must. These not only add to the beauty of the room but also cut out the amount of sun or dust reaching your room. Your choice of the curtain should depend on the size of your room. 

If your living room has a huge carpet area, you can use long flowing curtains for your windows. In case your living room is small and compact, it is best if you use short window curtains so that your living room does not feel cramped.  

The choice of color for your curtains should be in contrast with your wall paint so that the curtains maintain a distinct appearance of their own, instead of getting camouflaged with your wall paint. 

The material of your curtains is also important. If you are living in a humid area, make sure the curtains are made of natural fibers. You should avoid synthetic materials in such cases. However, if you are working and do not have much time for cleaning, you should get curtains that are easily washable. Light curtain materials are generally helpful in such cases. 


Carpets complete the look of your living room. A beautifully embroidered carpet adds to the aesthetic of your floor and room. You can buy a number of carpets based on the size and shape of your room. You can get a single continuous layer of carpet if you have a square or rectangular carpet area. However, if your living room is L-shaped, you can choose various carpet cuts to cover the stretch of floor. 

Your choice of carpet should depend on the furniture and lighting of your room. You can even match your carpet with the floor designs so that they match each other perfectly. 


Lighting is one of the most crucial factors which add to the beauty of your living room. You can use a combination of white and halogen lights, which are mostly used in households or get a few intricately designed lampshades for your room. Make sure that the lampshades compliment the theme of your room so that your room looks more aesthetic. 

While you plan and design your living room by getting some of the most important items and furniture, you should also consider applying for homeowner’s insurance. Such a policy provides you financial coverage in case your property or the items are damaged. These policies help you to avoid bearing the cost of your lost or damaged items. 

In conclusion

While you design your living room, it is important to have a rough plan or picture in your head. This helps you to proceed with a well-defined idea. It would be best if you bought expensive items only after having a proper plan so that they could fit into your room’s décor easily. Thus, nothing you buy would be a misfit. 

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