A shower is not only a place to store soaps and bottles. If you want it to look beautiful and organized, install a shower niche in your bathroom. It is an in-built shelf that you can fit into the shower to create storage space for products. 

The range, like Allure bathrooms shower niches, can mesmerize you. They replace the requirement to hang a caddy from the showerhead, create a corner shelf that makes cleaning difficult or keep bottles on the shower floor. Besides promoting cleanliness, they enhance the overall visual appeal of your bathroom.

But to make your bathroom perfect, you need to design your shower niche perfectly. 

Here are some of the design ideas you can implement:


A horizontal shower niche works well if you have a bigger shower.  To decorate your wall, go for this option as it is wider than it is taller. 


A vertical shower niche can be an ideal choice if you have a smaller shower space as it is taller than it is wider. 

With this option, you can make the most of the shower height. 

Seamless Finish

Do you want your shower niche to have a seamless finish? Use the exactly similar tiles that are installed on the surrounded walls. 

If you do so, the shower niche blends in and does not divert people’s attention from other focal points such as vertical bathroom windows and hexagonal tile accent walls. 

Contrasting Look

If your shower area is full of contrasting colors or materials, it captures maximum attention. Pick opposite colors to create a contrasting appearance. 

Do you have a dark shower wall? Go for a lighter material. If you have light shower walls, outline your shower niche with dark material. 

Hidden Lighting

Lighting can make a vast difference to your shower area. To highlight your shower niche, invest and install LED lighting. 

When you install a strip of waterproof LED lights, the shower niche turns out to be a focal point in your bathroom. Check out the amazing collection of Allure bathrooms shower niches that can shine the most when you throw light on them. The subtle glow on the area creates a spa-like ambiance inside your bathroom. 


Frame your shower niche to give it a unique look. Black frames can always be a great choice as they go well with black or any colored details like a shower wand. 


It’s not necessary to have only one shower niche when you can have multiples. The more shower niches in your bathroom, the more things you can store. 

When you share your bathroom with family members, every individual has a shelf to store their essentials. The vertical positioning of multiple shower niches eliminates the need to create shelves at different levels for shorter and taller members. 

Designing With Shelves

Add shelves to your shower niche if you want to make the best use of available height. You can build the shelves using the similar material that you use to cover your niche. You can also install glass shelves.

Bottom Line 

Bathroom shower niches from any other reputable store would help you to pick the option you want. Once you buy it, you need to design it perfectly, so it complements your bathroom layout. Hopefully, the design ideas mentioned above help you to do it as you want. 

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