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The convenience of owning a second refrigerator is unmatched. You have extra storage for bulk buys, which is a lifestyle for large families. Even smaller families buy in bulk these days because frequent shopping trips aren’t safe amid the pandemic. But what about having extra space for accommodating a bulky appliance in your living space? You can explore the idea of setting it up in the backyard or on the porch. 

It sounds like an excellent option if you are an outdoor enthusiast and love hosting get-togethers in the open. However, exposing an expensive appliance like a refrigerator to the elements may also seem like a risky thing to do. But you can go ahead. Here are some factors you need to consider while storing a refrigerator outside.

Type of refrigerator 

When it comes to outdoor storage, you need to pick the right type of refrigerator that can bear the brunt of the elements. You cannot expect the indoor variants to work safely outside because they aren’t designed for that purpose. An outdoor variant has specific design elements such as exterior finish, functionality, and temperature ranges to match the conditions. You may have to pay a little more, but it is worthwhile if you run short on space or want an appliance for a specific purpose. 


The climate in your area is another factor that determines the suitability of the outdoor placement. You cannot have one installed in the backyard if the summers or winters in your area are very harsh. Extreme drops or increases in temperatures can burden the system beyond its limits and even lead to a shutdown. Only professional refrigerator repair can get the appliance up and running again. You will also have to arrange to move it indoors during extreme weather conditions.


Another factor that determines your decision to place the refrigerator outside in the open is its placement. Even though the apt model can handle extreme temperatures, you must choose the right location to maximize its performance and efficiency. Select a spot away from direct sunlight and the elements. Also, make sure that the surrounding area is free of debris and foliage. Go the extra mile by cleaning the spot regularly to get the best out of the appliance. 

Length of outdoor stay

If you want to place the refrigerator outside as a temporary solution, you can assume it is safe enough. For example, you may want to do it for a party on the porch or during a kitchen renovation project. Since the stay will last for a few days or weeks, there will probably be no periods of extreme weather. You can simply move your indoor refrigerator outside and use it up without worrying much. Once you have it back inside, things will be normal.

While you must consider these factors before installing your refrigerator outdoors, there are some precautions to follow. Shield the appliance from sun, wind, and rain. Ensure adequate airflow around the unit to maximize its efficiency. Be regular with cleaning and maintenance because they are equally vital. 

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