Who would not love the warm evenings with the relatives/visitors sipping hot beverages in the comfort of home? Obviously, everyone loves that. Let’s be honest: If the guests are arriving at your home and the space is welcoming, it makes their experience heavenly.

So, are you the one who wishes to add some spark to your place to make your guests feel more comfortable? If yes, then you are at the right place. We have come up with the top-notch secrets to make your home guest-friendly.

Without any further ado, read ahead to learn about the ways to create a welcoming home.

Clean the clutter – There is no denying the fact that: an organized and clean space makes you feel more comfortable. If you have too much stuff all around, how will you feel at ease? Therefore, sort out the things and organize your space. And this is the foremost step that you should be taking. 

Sort out the papers, receipts, and files on the shelves and the counters. Get a basket and put all the unwanted things in it, thereby getting rid of the clutter. In this way, you can make your guests feel comfortable with the clean environment around your home. You don’t want clutter to control you, right? So, start small and reap great benefits.

Welcome them with light and an inviting entryway– Nothing can beat the feeling of welcoming your lovely guests with illuminating lights. Surprise them with a warm welcome using dimmers and lamps. Hang string lights around the windows. Paper lantern is also a good option. What’s more? Candles always come as a universally acceptable welcome. So, spruce up your home with the flameless candles. Above all, floating candles in vases also steal the heart of the guests. 

Do you want your entry space to scream “come on in”? We suggest you start adding up the cozy factor to your abode. Make room for the guests to put their belongings. This is the method that will surely make them feel right at home. Do not forget to add a beautiful and textured rug to the entry table. Hook them up right from the beginning, and they will fall in love with your place. 

Brighten up the space – If you think that expensive furniture can captivate your guests, then you might need to think again. Using accent pillows to capture the limelight of the visitors is an effective way to brighten up the space. Think we are exaggerating? Execute the same and let us know. 

There is more to it. Adding the artwork is never out of the trend. Elevate the space with vibrant pieces of natural art, bird art, abstract art, or anything that you like. Colors hold the natural ability to uplift your mood. Undoubtedly, your guests will be mesmerized at the sight of captivating artwork in your living room or common area.

Refreshing environment with scents – Honestly speaking, smell is the most powerful sense in human beings. And talking about your homes, if your home smells refreshing, you are going one step ahead in alluring the visitors. We don’t have to mention the effectiveness of scented candles and essential oils in creating a relaxing environment.  

Some of the examples of divine scents are – Lavender for relaxation, Vanilla for joy, and Cinnamon for enhancing brain power. No wonder it is a super-easy way to entice the visitors. So make them drown in the world of refreshing scents. 

Play soothing music – Believe it or not, there is a hidden melomaniac in all of us. Turn on the music as soon as they arrive and fill the silence with soothing tunes. Ensure that you are not playing the music loudly. It should have just enough volume to bring up the cheerful mode. 

You can also create a special playlist for your lovely guests and make them feel happy. So, kick off the gathering with the relaxing music and let the magic begin.

Enhance it with books – There is no denying the fact that books spice up the personality of the space. And if your friends or relatives are bibliophiles, then there could be no better thing than this. Get creative with the bookshelves and fill them up with books, novels, and small items. 

Accessorize it with showpieces or curtains and give it a wow factor. The person who is not a book-reader will also find the place with bookshelves charming and pleasing. So, start doing it now. 

Accentuate your abode with the electric fireplace – Now we are disclosing the space-friendly and the best choice to complement your home décor. That is none other than an electric fireplace. Set the tone of your home with this useful appliance. Moreover, it makes the environment cozier and is the apt central point of your home. 

Here’s one complete story: Give a final look at the fireplace by decorating the mantle area with decorative pieces, books, or vases. You can also put a big piece of mirror or painting above the fireplace for a more welcoming environment. 

Colorful decorations with food – Does any get-together is ever complete without the addition of foods and drinks? Obviously not. So, how to add colors with the help of food? Display fresh fruits in a bowl on the dining table. It will not only add to the inviting environment but also inspires the visitors to eat healthier.

Additionally, keep a dessert table ready with healthy biscuits, a rainbow of strawberries, and fruit salad. Isn’t it the icing on the cake with all the colors around you?

To sum it all up

You don’t have to go miles to make your space better than ever before. With the small efforts mentioned above, you can create a heavenly place for the guests to visit. Not only this, but you will also fall head over heels in love with your home. 

Lastly, Nate Berkus can’t be more right when he said 

Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.

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