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Although the fall decoration is identical to orange pumpkin stuff, you can also make it in a different way. Well, it is not everyone loves bright cheerful color schemes. For those who love simplicity and calmness, then white will be their favorite color. In this case, the white color can be applied to the pumpkin decoration. It doesn’t matter if you should change the color of the orange pumpkin because everyone will always know if that is a pumpkin. Not to make it boring, you can decorate the pumpkin by using some accessories or draw the pumpkin with a certain pattern. Another awesome thing about it is that you can use the pumpkin as the fall sign at once. Enjoy the references below.



White Pumpkin Fall Sign


Decorating pumpkins to complement the fall décor is the perfect idea. You can paint the entire surface of the pumpkin with white to make it look clean and beautiful. Then you can write down the welcome fall and place it in front of the house so that it will become an attractive fall sign. Pumpkin Fall Sign from Makingmanzanita.

Family Picture Collage Pumpkin


Complementing your fall decorations with white pumpkins is an interesting idea. You can decorate a pumpkin by pasting a black and white photo on the entire surface of the pumpkin so that it will present a slick vintage look. Then you can place it on the table to bring the most attractive attraction in your home. White Pumpkin Collage from Housebeautiful.

White Confetti Pumpkin


Pumpkin is a fruit that is synonymous with autumn. You can decorate white pumpkins for a Soothing fall look. Try to decorate white pumpkins with a sprinkling of colorful confetti on the bottom of the pumpkin so that it will look beautiful and attractive. White Confetti Pumpkin. from Housebeautiful.

Blue Porcelain Pumpkin


Try decorating your pumpkin with your favorite porcelain pattern. All you have to do is make a porcelain pattern on the white pumpkin using a stencil and paint marker. After that, you can display it on the dining table so it will look beautiful. Blue Porcelain Pumpkin from Housebeautiful.

Sequin Polkadot Pumpkin


If you like a beautiful look, you can decorate your white pumpkin so it doesn’t look boring. You can fill the pumpkins by attaching gold sequins to the white pumpkins using glue. Then placing it on the table looks simple but will make your fall decorations look stunning. Sequin Polka Dot Pumpkins from Housebeautiful.

Candy Corn Chevron Pumpkin


Decorating pumpkins is one creative idea that can enhance your fall decorations. Try filling your white pumpkin with a candy corn chevron pattern so it will make your pumpkin look prettier. Then you can display it together with the candy corn bottle so it will look perfect. Candy Corn Chevron Pumpkin from Foxhollowcottage.

White Laced Pumpkin


Using pumpkins for fall decoration ideas is one interesting idea that will never fail. You can decorate white pumpkin with black lace so that it will present an interesting color contrast. Displaying it on a wooden stump will bring a stunning look to your outdoor decor. DIY Lace Pumpkins from Foxhollowcottage.

Gold Glittery Pumpkin


Try decorating your pumpkin to complement your fall decorations to make it look more attractive. You can decorate white pumpkins with sparkling monograms so that it will bring out a stunning look. Then you can place it on the table so that it becomes the perfect focal point. Pumpkin Glitter Monogram from Foxhollowcottage.

Pumpkin Lighting


You can complement the outdoor décor with pumpkins for the perfect fall look. Then you can decorate the white pumpkins with light FALL letters to make them look more festive. Isolating it in front of the house makes the perfect welcome and can inspire. Light FALL Letter Pumpkins from Foxhollowcottage.

Colorful Foliage Pumpkin


Using white pumpkin for a centerpiece is a great idea and will never fail in fall. You can decorate your white pumpkin by sticking fall leaves on the surface of the pumpkin so it doesn’t look boring. Then you can display it on the table so it will look perfect and stunning. Decorative White Pumpkin from Homeyou.


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