“The sole purpose of the bedroom is to melt away any stressors.”

-Jonathan Scott 

No matter what occasion or time of the year, it’s a good idea to groom your bedroom appearance well and add a tinge of little charm to it. Chances are, you already hold a list of decor ideas to decorate your private place. On the contrary, if you have no idea what to do and where to begin, here is something for you. 

But wait, keep one thing in your mind. 

No matter what decor theme or DIY ideas you choose, ensure you give your private area a comforting and cozy touch. This bedroom revamping project should not cost you a leg and an arm. Therefore, be wise with your decor ideas.

Trick 1 – Experiment with dark hues – However, light colors are a recommended choice to make a room look grand; the dark hues give a base structure to the rooms. It is an effortless way of obtaining a slumber and relaxing look for your place in no time. Add plush bed linens for a highlighting contrast texture. This is a perfect way to give your room a soothing cuddle-up look. 

Trick 2 – Let the blankets make a statement – When draping your bedroom in a cozy look, you should not miss on blankets. A luxe faux fur is a big winner here that becomes a perfect companion to enjoy your weekend naps at their best. 

Trick 3 – Get some layered rugs – No matter if you have hardwood or carpet flooring, rugs never go out of style. You can add multiple layers of rugs to enhance its texture while giving your room a warm look. This is an effortless and effective idea leaving a significant impact on the overall look of the bedroom. 

Trick 4 – Work on the lighting – The thought of painting your little world in the most suitable colors often makes people forget the idea of perfect lighting. And that’s where you create a significant blunder. Lighting plays a significant role in the overall room’s appearance. Before deciding the lighting arrangements, evaluate the different belongings placed in the room like a rug, bedding, etc. All elements give the room a soft look, and so should be the lighting arrangement. For instance, consider installing a chandelier with dim lights for a perfect lighting scheme if you require overhead lighting. 

Trick 5 – Add weightage to ceiling – Adding ceiling beams is equal to playing safe. Moreover, the wooden ceiling is in use these days. It gives you a unique and sophisticated touch. The best part is, it does not consume much space but ensures a remarkable look.

Trick 6 – A pile of pillows – When it comes to adding a fluffy and comforting touch to your place, there is nothing better than placing multi-colored pillows on your bed. Mix and match in size and colors is the secret trick to excel this decor idea. Don’t be afraid to buy as many as you like because the more you place, the better look you obtain. 

Trick 7 – Mattresses play a significant role – Obtaining a dreamy and cozy look for your bedroom gets easier when you are choosing the mattresses wisely. Thus, buy a mattress after a lot of research and thorough analysis. Go for reputed name brand mattresses to never compromise on quality and comfort. Prefer buying hybrid gel memory foam mattresses as they ensure the best support and durability. Moreover, such mattresses are developed using advanced double offset coil support systems that ensure complete comfort and support. 

Trick 8 – A soft yet royal headboard – When it comes to your comfort, you can’t skip having an elegant headboard wrapped in a comforting fabric. It completes the overall look of the bed and room simultaneously. There is no better fabric than velvet to add a royal look to the overall decor theme. 

Trick 9 – Shift some live plants inside – No wonder you may have some beautifully bloomed plants in your balcony or terrace garden. But now is the time to bring them inside your bedroom. Yes, that’s a kickass idea to display your love for nature while having sufficient oxygen supply within your room. Moreover, healthy plants inside your bedroom help you enjoy quality sleep. 

Trick 10 – Candles – The captivating and soft glow of candles is the best decor idea to try. Moreover, having plenty of candles in your room makes more sense when you are dealing with increased stress levels. Nowadays, the markets are loaded with scented candles releasing a soothing fragrance to seek your attention and add a relaxing factor to your bedroom decor.

Trick 11 – Display family pictures – The nostalgia of family and your loved ones make you feel emotional and alone at times. But why let it ruin your mood every day? Place some beautifully decorated photographs on one corner of the bedroom wall to feel connected. Pick the beautiful photo frames to decorate your special moments captured. If you do not wish to fill the entire wall with pictures, consider choosing a corner or single wall to make the difference. When you select a specific corner, you highlight it adding more grace to your room’s appearance. 

Trick 12 – Make a canopy – Believe it or not, it’s a no-fail way of adding a much-required warmth to your sleeping area. All you need to do is drape your bed in ethereal textiles, and you are done. It can be the best gift for your husband for lazy weekend mornings. 

Trick 13 – Revamp antiques – Some of us still own our grandparents’ house belongings for sure. Some may have a ‘Singer sewing machine’ or an ‘aluminum trunk’ at least. That’s what you can use to add a little bit of old-school touch to your decor ideas. It makes your room look classy and elegant. 

The last word – 

Bedrooms are meant to give you a relaxing and calming sensation. And that’s why you should be concerned about the decor theme and everything that concerns the look and feel of your private room. 

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