After the worldwide coronavirus pandemic forced people up and down the country to spend the majority of the past year and a half at home, however thankful they were for an outdoor garden in which to relax and get some air, it was easy to become bored and overly critical with the space.

Now the country and the world in general are beginning to open up and normality is slowly beginning to creep back in there is no more perfect time than now to breathe life into your garden. 

Cacti and Other Succulents

One of the biggest modern trends in the last few years is the addition of cacti and other succulents as indoor plants, and they work just as wonderfully in an outdoor space. 

Obviously, the weather can sometimes be a little unpredictable, so it is important when wanting to add a cactus or succulent-based garden plant to thoroughly research the different kinds and species available to determine which ones will be best suited to living outside.

Pay Attention to Weather-Worn Sections

One of the easiest and most relatively cost-effective ways to spruce up your outdoor space is to embark on a thorough and detailed cleaning mission, including all garden furniture, fence panels, and grouting around the back of the house and garden. 

When attempting to improve or even replace elements of grouting, it is strongly advisable to purchase or hire professional grouting tools from an experienced and established landscape gardening supplier. 

Invest in New Garden Furniture

Another incredibly effective and virtually instantaneous way of modernizing your outdoor space is to invest in a brand new garden furniture set.

Plain and simple wooden furniture in a lighter shade is both modern and effortlessly timeless and also is one of the easiest types of garden furniture to keep clean and looking as new as possible for as long as possible. Have fun with outdoor cushions and rugs, ensuring when the harsher weather comes in the winter months that you have a suitable space to store all furnishings to keep them looking new. Neutral shades are always preferable when choosing garden furniture sets as they blend seamlessly into the garden as a whole and ensure the space is visually appealing with a natural and organic vibe. 

Have Fun Choosing Appropriate Solar Lighting

There are a plethora of benefits in deciding to invest in some good quality solar lighting, not least because of the cost-effective nature of the products as well as the little-to-no maintenance levels once the lights are in position. 

Choose white or warm natural lights for a modern aesthetic, and be careful not to over saturate the garden with too many lights. Ensure all the lighting you choose is similarly designed, as mismatched solar lighting pieces tend to give off more of a retro, dated vibe. Layer your lighting to create different height and depth effects and finish off with a simple mirror hanging from a garden wall. 

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