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If you are a fan of simple and comfy living, then there’s a good chance that you’ll just fall in love with elegant English cottages. 

These homes are exclusively designed to heighten the charm of your space by adding a dash of time-honoured elegance. 

In simple words, an English cottage is all about having a seating arrangement exclusively made to sprawl out on, a cosy interior for those keepsakes, and, best of all, a perfect outdoor space. 

What if we tell you that you can have all that in your home and you don’t even have to break your bank for it? Yes, you read that right. We can help you transform your simple home and bring that English cottage charm right away. Read on to learn how. 

A serene front door

Believe it or not, the entry of your home makes a huge difference to the look of your home. Plus, it is the first thing that’s going to add a cottage vibe to your home’s entry. 

Also, if you want to make your home seem open, airy and create a welcoming ambience, try going for a front door with a large window. And to recreate a cosy English cottage look, you can also consider opting for screen doors. 

According to interior decorators, screen doors are one of the most important pieces for your English cottage puzzle. 

The best part of having those screen doors is that it lets in the fresh air and birdsong and lets out the fragrance of your mouth-watering dinner and the sounds of your family’s laughter. 

Spruce up on the porch decor

Every English cottage is incomplete without a beautiful front porch. Plus, anyone who wants to create a perfect, intimate, and cosy ambience in their homes has to take a closer look at their porch. Do it right, and it’ll add a charming and characterful look to your home. 

From a relaxing sanctuary to a private space, these outdoor rooms can serve so many purposes. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to have a laid-back weekend and enjoy, especially during the spring season?

All you have to do is decorate your front porch with some greenery. It’ll spruce up your home’s style and elevate the homely feel. 

You can also consider adding some wicker chairs, pillows, bench seats, cushions, and blankets to create a cosy seating area on your porch. Now imagine curling up every Saturday afternoon, reading a book, or having lemonade with your friends. Sounds relaxing. Right?

Paving Stone path

The stone path is also an essential element of an English cottage. It makes your home look like a place you might want to spend your vacations and have relaxing weekends. Well, you can have all that by incorporating stone paths into your home. 

It’ll not only add a vintage look to your home but will also take your outdoor decoration up a notch. Such patio designs can also be used in your backyard around the firepit and driveways. 

The best part of Paving stone patio is that it prevents soil erosion which means that your yard is going to look pretty and perfect for the years to come. 

You can also take your stone patio to a whole new level with gorgeous flower beds and lush pathway trees. Try to opt for colourful flowers to add a joyful touch to your gardens and pathways. 

So, pick your paving stone designs and make your home entry and gardens stand out in the neighbourhood. 

Antique knobs and hooks for everything

You’ll be surprised to know that even little things like your doorknobs and hooks around your home play an important role in recreating the desired look. According to interior decorators, many homeowners tend to skimp on this part. But you won’t. 

Try to install antique doorknobs throughout your home and add an English cottage charm to your home right away. Choose the ones with pastel shades and floral patterns to stick to the theme. Add them to your dresser, closets, and literally every door in your home that requires handles. 

These antique knobs can also be used as wall hooks and help you hang your coats and hats by the front door. 

This is one of the simplest ways to spruce up your home decor without spending a fortune. Not to mention, these antique knobs and handles add new life to your doors and cabinets that may otherwise be left unnoticed. 

Colourful and chic bedrooms

Imagine waking up to something that lifts up your mood and spirits right away. With the help of a colourful and chic bedroom, you can have that every single morning.

One of the best things about English cottages is that their rooms are to die for. They look and feel so comfy that you would always want to come back to them after a long tiring day. These bedrooms are so welcoming and inviting that you can’t help but relax. 

So, try to transform your bedroom into your fun and relaxing sanctuary with the help of bold and bright colours. You can also use some floral and botanical print wallpapers to create a lively space. The best thing about having colourful bedrooms is that you won’t be missing the summer and winter seasons, even during the chilly winter months. 

Also, if you don’t want such decor for your master bedroom, you can always use it for your guest room. The bold and bright colours on the walls will definitely help your guests feel at ease and compel them to admire such fancy decor. 

In the end, 

Regardless of the size and layout of your room, you can use these little additions and enjoy living inside a warm and welcoming environment. 

You can also consider adding beams in your rooms to create an authentic English cottage look, apart from the ideas listed above. The only thing you need to keep in mind is keeping everything simple yet classy. 

So, transform your home by using these ideas and make everyone feel like they are stepping into a beautiful English cottage. 

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