10 ideas to use maple leaf for your fall home decoration2

For the pretty fall home decoration, you can use the maple leaf. Then, the question is, what can you do with the maple leaf? Well, it could be so many varied different stuff anyway. The maple leaves have such a pretty colorful look. You can pick the one in red color, orange color, yellow color, or even the brown color if you want to add the warm farmhouse or rustic style touch. Utilize the maple leaves to make a wall hanging ornament, window hanging ornament, garland, wreath, to be the part of fall tree decoration, decorative candle, centerpiece, and so many more other ideas. We can’t wait for you to see the maple leaf ideas that we attached below. Scrolling down, get amazed, and find some ideas for your fall home decoration!



Wall Hanging


Making DIY crafts to complement your fall decorations is a creative idea that you should try. You can make a DIY wall hanging using maple leaf and twig so that it will bring a real fall feel to your home. Then you can hang it on a white wall so it will stand out. Maple Leaf Wall Hanging from Countryliving.



Maple leaf is one of the characteristics of autumn that you can use to complete your home decor. You can make a DIY Wreath using maple leaf with a mini pumpkin accent to bring a fall vibe to your home. Then hanging it on the front door will make it the perfect greeter. Maple Leaf Wreath from Countryliving.



You will never fail to use maple leaf to complete the fall décor in your home. Try to make lighting ideas using string light and maple so that it will present the perfect autumn look. Then you can install it on the handrail so it will look very beautiful. Maple Leaf Lighting from Country living.



Suncatcher is one of the ornaments that you can make yourself at home to complete your home decor. Making a suncatcher using maple leaf and glass will make for the perfect fall look. Hanging it on the window will make it a window treatment while capturing sunlight perfectly. Maple Leaf Suncatcher from Homedit.

Vase Arrangement


Using maple leaf to complement your home decor is an interesting idea. Creating a maple leaf arrangement will bring the perfect fall touch to your home. Then you can insert the maple leaf arrangement into a large glass vase and place it on the side table so that it will look beautiful. Maple Leaf Arrangement from Southernliving.



To bring a touch of fall to your home decor, adding maple leaf accents is the perfect idea. You can make DIY tablecloth using brown fabric and maple leaf to make it look more beautiful. Placing it on the dining table will make your fall table setting look perfect in the fall. Maple Leaf Tablecloth from Architectureartdesigns.



Garland is one of the ornaments that can enhance your home decor. Making a DIY garland using maple leaf will bring out the perfect fall look. Hanging it on the wall will make your wall stand out and be more beautiful in autumn. Maple Leaf Garland from Architectureartdesigns.

Decorative Candle


Choosing to use candles to complement the lighting ideas in the fall is an interesting idea. You can decorate the candle with maple leaf so it will look more beautiful. Placing it on the table will present an attractive appearance and is suitable for autumn. Decorative Candle from Shelterness.

Framed Wall Art


Complementing autumn decorations with wall art is an interesting idea that you can try now. Choosing to use pressed maple leaf to create wall art will give your home a rocking fall feel. Then you can display it on a wall shelf so that it will make it the focal point of a beautiful fall. Maple Leaf Wall Art from Architectureartdesigns.

Fall Tree


Adding a fall tree to your fall decorations is a brilliant idea. You can make a DIY fall tree using dried maple leaves to accentuate the fall. Then you can place the fall tree on the console table so it will look simple but still attractive. Maple Leaf Fall Tree from Homebnc.

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