“Design is coming to grips with one’s real lifestyle, one’s a real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one’s well-being.”

– Albert Hadley 

Who says the concept of old-school is boring to follow? Instead, it’s the best way to express your love for timeless beauty, especially when described in the context of home decor. It is ideal for adding a tinge of drama and sophistication to your place without hampering its essence of modern times. 

The world of vintage home decor – 

A few minor tweaks and slight changes in the room arrangements are enough to shout out your epic sense of classy home decor. When you go for a vintage beauty theme to decorate your place in a whole new way, you again welcome the scope of using bygone accessories and home belongings. There are plenty of ideas and ways to explore for classy home decor, and that includes – using those beautiful chandeliers and vintage clocks, adding a royal touch to your premises. 

Here’s how to make it happen. 

#1 – Make use of antique clocks – This is the best approach to play safe, remain effortless, yet create the best impression possible. A rustic brick texture clock is making some significant highlights in the present time. It’s an absolute eye-catcher that gives you some real-time goals to place at your home. If you have a spacious living room, then prefer going for tall standing British-era antique clocks. Otherwise, there are plenty of antique wall clocks available to steal the show forever. You can think of creating a specific corner and adding more antique belongings to it—for instance – a typewriter, a side-table, or a miniature completing the corner with its beauty. 

#2 – The antique table sets are here for you – Why settle for the ordinary table sets when you can have an antique one for almost the same price? The market is loaded with plenty of options ready for you. From the traditional rustic beauty to hutches and bars design, you can explore the best from many different options available. 

#3 – Showcase real paintings – The past world believed in displaying real art rather than machine-made ones. Therefore, pick up some original pictures from the nearby art gallery and let them add value to your home decor. When choosing a painting for your vintage home decor, consider evaluating the texture, brush used, artist, and other factors to invest in the best painting ever. The artist should breathe in the painting through the work done, so ensure you get that feel when buying it for your place. 

#4 – Invest in organic material – The world is going back to the organic decor pieces from the modern home decor art concept. Having said that, avoid falling for the low-quality plastic decor items blended with a synthetic coating for a fake rich look. This can leave an opposite impact on your home decor. If you plan to have a more natural and effortless look, consider going for hearty woods or metal/brass finished belongings that show a statement. 

A pro tip – Don’t hesitate to replace your subtle linens and furniture once again. And remember, you are doing it all to give your home the classy touch you have wished for. 

#5 – Work on the ceiling – Wooden beams are a prominent reason why people fall for the vintage decor ideas the most. When talking about ceiling beams, people often opt for either a square beam or a combination of three kinds of wood designed uniformly. Before you plan to let these embellishing beams make your home the talk of the town, ensure to figure out the total space available. These beams look amazing when you have a vast ceiling area to showcase. Otherwise, it will only end up making your rooms look darker and dull. So, be wise. 

#6 – Bedroom sets – People often make a significant mistake by buying belongings differently when working on home decor. This fails to bring a required uniformity in the home decor design and theme. And why do it when you can have the entire bedroom set ready to enhance the beauty of your private space? The markets are flooded with rustic bedroom sets giving your place a desirable look. Generally, a bedroom set includes a slate chest, slate dresser, slate nightstand, and a bed that completes the look and feel of your royal bedroom in one go. All in all, it completes all the requirements of your comforting space. 

When choosing a quality bedroom set for your home, ensure that it’s made up of solid pine wood, which effortlessly adds a raw vintage touch to the furniture. I prefer going for a warm grey stain texture, adding more value to your decor. 

# 7 – Replace the plain walls with wood paneling – Don’t go for plain walls when you are planning for a vintage look. Instead, enhance your place with a wood paneling texture. It gives the perfect classy look while adding a raw, rustic feel to the entire room. Here, all you have to do is select the line of horizontal wood planks well interlocked with the wall for a finishing touch. 

A pro tip is to ensure that you are staining the woods way before installation to keep your walls safe and clean. This will give your room a cabin-y-feel, especially if you have placed rustic furniture in the entire room. 

#8 – Curtains are a MUST – While juggling between the right lightning scheme and royal belongings, people often forget the idea of replacing their plain curtains with ancient-looking ones. The modern window curtains are replaced with blinds or shades. But the vintage look still believes in thick and rustic-looking curtains. You have to plan for floral printed curtains, adding a tinge of soothing to the complete home decor. 

The last word – 

Home decor is a sense of creativity that breathes a new life into your home. When talking about the best home decor ideas in the present time, people are going gaga over the vintage look, leaving a royal mark on your home. This has made people revolve around the ancient home decor sense and blend it with modern decor art. 

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