Window treatments and decor can change the entire personality of your property. Windows are like the eyes of your house. They are the passage that connects you to the rest of the world. The more creative you can be while decorating them the more personal your entire home decor is going to get. Your window presents to you a window of opportunity to make a style statement that is as bold and beautiful as you. Whether it is contemporary curtains, roller screens, or ultra-modern blinds, there is always an idea that you probably haven’t explored till now. Let’s find out how you can reinstate and redecorate your windows in style without compromising the aesthetics of your home:

1. Vintage Curtains Galore

These types of curtains are available in various textures and colors. They range from beautiful natural silk to dense heavy velvet. The colors that you get can be mahogany, maple, purple, brown, maroon, and deep reds if you are aiming for a completely regal look. You can even indulge in a little DIY project where you can stitch and attach different embellishments and embroidered patches to your plain vintage curtains. This is going to give your window a more personalized look and something straight out of a fairy tale. You can use this style in your bedroom or even in your library if you are aiming for a complex and intricate appeal.

2. Funky Leftover Curtains

This is not completely unheard of. If you talk about a DIY project, this is the first thing that is going to pop up in your head. If you have any leftover material; it can be cotton, muslin cloth, velvet, silk, and even denim, you can stitch random pieces of them together to come up with a single sheet of cloth. This cloth can then be cut into the size that you desire to put up as a curtain on your windows. This project is going to be perfect for your kids’ rooms. You can also use these curtains in their nursery and playrooms for the simple reason that they are going to add a lot of color, texture, and vibrancy to the whole decor. You can never go wrong with this funky-style window treatment.

3. Color-coordinated Pots And Decor 

Who said that a window treatment has to be limited to a curtain or some boring foldable blinds? If you have an open wide window made of contemporary PVC or recycled wood, you can find some awesome ways to make a style statement with it. All you have to do is choose a few decor objects such as:

  • Transparent crystal potpourri pots
  • Colour coordinated vases
  • A single ceramic printed pot
  • Miniature furniture pieces made of Terracotta
  • Crystal globe with a tiny replica of the Eiffel tower
  • Hand-painted salt and pepper shakers

These are some ideas of decor objects that you can put in your plain and simple windows to make them look extraordinarily appealing yet elegant. This is a very classy and subtle way of redecorating your windows without spending too much.

4. Rollable Screens And Blinds

Rollable screens and blinds are suitable for almost every interior design scheme. If you are aiming for a minimalistic yet stylish window treatment, you should look for a rulouri screen that is not only affordable but also very elegant. These fit in your budget very easily and can be found in various colors and styles. The best part is that they are 100% child safe. They come with a detailed instruction manual that explains how to install and use them. Another very unique advantage of these rollable screens is that they let in an ample amount of natural light and can be controlled via remote control. Rolling screens and blinds are also in demand because of their easy installation and the fact that they are eco-friendly as well. They are lightweight and easy to roll up and down depending upon the amount of light you want in your room.

5. Framing Your Windows Right

Leave your window alone. Do not put anything more than a white or beige curtain and you are sorted. But is that it? No! You have to go into your attic and rummage through your old stuff to find a few forgotten gems. Take out those old pictures of your family and loved ones and get them framed in the most beautiful of enclosures and textures. Surround your window with all your precious memories framed just the way you want them. This way you can create a point of focus in your living space without having to spend a lot of money on the actual window treatment. The window looks elegant and your wall turns into a piece of art. You are surrounded by beautiful memories and your heart fills up with love every time you look in that direction.

6. Kitchen Window Storage

You can find those miniature treasure chests very easily in the market. There are several other storage options as well that are functional as well as decorative and can give your cooking space a drastically different look. You can use them to store your expensive spices and other kitchen items that need to be protected from the sun. This is going to be an ideal window treatment option for your kitchen and dining area. You can also invest in a set of beautiful glass containers with airtight lids. These are not just eco-friendly but look incredibly beautiful when placed in your kitchen window as the sun’s rays pierce through the convoluted glass.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Your window treatments and the decor you use to redefine their purpose and aesthetics reflect your thought process. It tells the onlooker about the way you perceive the world around you. You can play as safe as you like or be as experimental as you want to be. Don’t be afraid to express your emotions when redecorating your windows or any section of your house for that matter.

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