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There will be surely so many different kinds of garden designs that you can have. Anyway, for you who love something artistic, you can choose the Bohemian garden design. It will serve you with patterns and colors that surely be able to create an impressive look. Are you confused about how to bring the Bohemian touches to your garden decoration? Well, you can have it for your planters. If commonly you only have it simple plain pots, then with Bohemian style touches, you can create pattern and colors. Also, you can have rattan or basket planters that will be able to create the Bohemian style too. Another idea in presenting the Bohemian touches to your garden is by having it for your patio. There are some aspects that available in the patio that can be the target for your Bohemian touches. Let’s say that you can have the rug, bean bag, swing, chairs, or sofa there with Bohemian characteristics.



Using a patterned carpet to complement your backyard garden decor will bring out the perfect bohemian look. Then you can add a wooden table and bean bag so that it will provide comfort in your backyard garden. String light pliers hanging over the sitting area would be the perfect lighting. Patterned Carpet from Homemydesign.


Decorating your backyard garden in a bohemian style is an interesting idea that you can try. Using a rattan chair to complement the bohemian garden decor looks appropriate. Then you can complete it with boho cushions and patterned carpet so it will look perfect. Rattan Furniture from Homemydesign


You can choose to use a bohemian style for decorating your backyard garden so it will look more attractive. Floor pillows with very intricate motifs will give the perfect bohemian look there. Adding a layered carpet there will add comfort and make your garden decoration more complete. Patterned Floor Pillows from Homemydesign.


Try to complete your backyard garden decoration with a sitting area so that it is more comfortable. Rattan egg chair which is equipped with patterned cushions will provide perfect comfort in your garden. Then you can also add a patterned carpet so that it will present the perfect bohemian look. Rattan Egg Furniture from Homemydesign.


Choosing to use a bohemian style to complement your backyard decoration is an interesting idea that you can try. A patterned rug that stretches out in the garden area will give the perfect bohemian look. Adding a floor pillow on the carpet will add perfect comfort to your garden. Patterned Carpet and Floor Pillows from Homemydesign.


Three patterned carpets that lay in your backyard will become a relaxing area with a bohemian touch. You can add cushions there to add comfort to your garden. Daybed next to the carpet will be the most comfortable place to lie down or just sit back and relax. Patterned Carpet and Day Bed from Woohome.


The bright blue rug will add a bohemian touch to your backyard garden. Adding floor pillows on the carpet is an interesting idea that will add comfort there. Adding a colorful garland on it will make your backyard decoration look more festive. Blue Patterned Carpet from Woohome.


To bring a bohemian style to your backyard garden decor, try using patterned accessories. Patterned daybed will be the most comfortable place to just relax in the garden. Then you can add patterned carpet and cushions so that it will make your garden decoration look perfect. Patterned Accessories from Woohome.


Complementing your garden decor with a sitting area is the perfect idea to create comfort there. Bench with patterned and brightly colored cushions will bring a touch of bohemian there. House plants around the sitting area will give a refreshing natural look. Patterned Bench from Onekindesign.


If you like the bohemian style, you can take it on an outdoor decor. A patterned rug equipped with a pillow on it will become a comfortable sitting area with a bohemian style. White fabric shade equipped with chandeliers will make your outdoor decoration more beautiful and perfect. Bohemian Patio from Onekindesign.


Having a patio in the garden will be the most comfortable place to relax and spend time with family. A low sofa equipped with colorful cushions will provide comfort there. Complementing it with a string light as a lighting idea will make your garden decoration better and more attractive. Low Sofa with Colorful Cushion from Onekindesign.


You can use a teepee to complete the garden decoration to make it look more perfect. Choose a patterned teepee to make it look more beautiful. Then you can complete it with cushions and carpet so that it will feel more comfortable. Patterned Teepee from Onekindesign.


To create a bohemian feel in your garden, add some patterned toss pillows to sit there. Adding a white teepee as a shade will make your garden decoration more perfect. Hanging lantern will be a perfect lighting idea in your garden and suitable for bohemian style. Patterned Toss Pillow from Onekindesign.


Adding a tent in your backyard to your garden decoration will be the most comfortable place to relax or spend the night in the garden. Tapestry hanging behind the awning will bring out a boho look that stands out. String light will be a simple lighting idea and looks beautiful in your garden. Tapestry and String Light from Onekindesign.


The garden decor is inspired by a bohemian style and a unique touch. Patterned carpet and floor pillow are accessories that will not fail for your bohemian decor. Carved Round table will give a unique look and is suitable for bohemian style. Patterned Accessories from Onekindesign.

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