With home equity rising in the current economic climate, it is the right time to leverage this gain to tap your house for cash. For example, if you are looking to add a new home office or remodel your kitchen, you could use your existing property to cover the expenses. 

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What is Cash-Out Refinance?

Cash-out refinancing replaces your old mortgage with a new, bigger mortgage. You can access the cash difference between the two mortgages depending on the equity you have built up over the years.

Credit cards and HELOCs were popular means of borrowing money against home equity. But their interest rates tend to be on the higher end. Cash-out refinances work effectively because their interest rates are lower than home equity and existing mortgage rates. 

You will have to get a home appraisal done before you can apply for refinancing. Financial institutions, these days, will typically not lend you more than 80% of the value of your home. A good credit score, the condition of your home, and location are other factors that could affect the lender’s decision. 

When refinancing a mortgage, you can typically negotiate terms in your favor. For example, you could access potential cash, renegotiate interest rate, monthly payments, and the number of years, among other factors.

Why Do People Opt for Cash-Out Refinance?

People opt to refinance their mortgages for several reasons. One could reinvest the money in their home by tending to repairs, renovations, or upgrades like a new home office or an additional bedroom. 

Alternatively, some homeowners do it to pay for medical bills, student loans, funeral expenses, and other substantial expenses. 

Make sure you go through the rules and regulations of refinancing according to the state you reside in. For example, in Texas, you can cash-out refinance your home once a year.  

Reasons to Consider Cash-Out Refinance Now

As per a recent report, home prices in February 2021 in the US reached a record high over the last 15 years. By the end of 2020, nearly 46 million homeowners held around $7.3 trillion in equity, which is the highest number ever recorded.

In the current economic climate, mortgage rates have seen a decline. So even when you are taking a bigger mortgage loan, you also have the opportunity to reduce the interest rate on the loan amount. In addition, the federal government has launched a new program for homeowners, helping them reset their mortgage with low-interest rates. 

The skyrocketing home equity prices and low mortgage rates have presented homeowners with a unique opportunity. However, as the economy starts picking up, these rates are bound to change in the future. 

Thus, it is important to make the most of the current market situation and explore the option of cash-out refinance. You can even get a free quote that’ll help you judge if the option works for you or not. 

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