When it comes to taking care of the house, it’s always a good idea to be hands-on when possible. The life and charm of your home should be in your hands. Millions of people never get the chance to own a piece of property of their own. Now that you have a place that’s solely yours consider engaging with the property and doing some DIY. 

DIY Cleaning and maintenance are what builds a bond with the house. What makes a house into a home is what you do with it.

The hard work, the time invested, and the money makes the place feel like your sanctuary. However, there are times when you need to know your limits and hold off from the DIY work. It’s commendable that you want to do things yourself, but let’s be real here. 

Engaging in something you know nothing about can injure you or others and, in extreme cases, damage the entire house. 

This article will be going over six things that you should never DIY unless you’re a pro or have prior experience. 

Electrical work with the fan

Getting up and cleaning the fan is something we can all do. We all have a fan with a dusty fan tip that can be cleaned with a pillowcase. 

But if your fan doesn’t work, remember that electrical fan work can be highly complicated. The motor is difficult to understand, and the fan itself weighs more than you may realize. You need to call in a professional rather than work on it yourself. 

An electrician will be much better equipped to deal with your fan-related issues than you. It may cost a bit more to call in the pro, but it’s certainly better than paying thousands of dollars if you accidentally electrocute yourself or fall off the chair. 

Fixing the stove

The stove is perhaps one of the essential appliances in the house. We often take it for granted because it’s always there at our disposal. Try going a day without a functional stove, and you will see how essential it is.

Fixing it through DIY methods is a significant no-no. It may seem simple enough, but please don’t risk it when dealing with gas and fire. You may unknowingly cause a leak and complicate the situation even further. 

Moreover, a poorly timed spark with leaking gas, well… you know the rest. Call In a professional fast. Not just because you need the appliance to function again, but as we said, gas-related issues should be addressed swiftly and efficiently. 

Tending to boiler issues

The boiler room is often that part of the house where no one treads. It’s damp, dark, and generally not the friendliest place to be around. The boiler not working in the winter can lead to a pretty uncomfortable situation. 

Depending on what part of the country you reside in,  you can’t live without hot water in the winter.
Again, a leakage could burn you and damage the geyser unit. Moreover, a leak could cause a short circuit since most boilers run on electricity nowadays. 

So you have two issues, hot water spilling all over the place and potential electrocutions if you aren’t careful. One is worse than the other, buts it’s better that you avoid both at all costs. 

Cutting down an overgrown tree

It seems simple enough, but those branches are much heavier than you think. That’s solid wood that you are dealing with, and don’t think for a second that it’s not going to fall and create a thud. 

People often cut down tree branches (occasionally entire trees) if they lean too close to the house. What they don’t account for is where the tree or branch falls. Sometimes it’s onto the roof of the house, and in some cases, it can plow right through the ceiling. 

Rather than doing it yourself, risking falling and potentially damaging the house, call in the lumberjacks to tend to the tree. 

Cleaning the roof gutters

It seems simple enough, right? Just clear out the dead leaves and let the water run through the track. In essence, it is simple. There’s nothing special about cleaning the drains; however, getting onto and off the roof is where the struggle is. 

The sheer number of emergencies that arise from people falling off their roofs will astonish you. The ladder slipping, shingles coming loose, or algae forming on the top can lead to a pretty bad fall if you aren’t careful. 

Though falling off the roof is rarely fatal, it can undoubtedly lead to an unpleasant and somewhat embarrassing hospital visit. 

Please call someone in to clean the gutters. It barely takes 10 minutes, and a pro will be happy to do the job and take the hassle away from you. 

Pest control

Okay, this is something that you should never do without help. Even if it’s something as simple as removing a wasp hive, please call in the pros instead. It’s not as simple as dousing the hive in pesticide; if you do that, you’re asking for trouble. 

If you aren’t careful, the wasps could swarm and attack you. The same goes for all kinds of other pests. These are creatures that you don’t know anything about. If you try to tackle this issue on your own, you are pretty much asking for trouble. 

The statistics related to snakes bites are shocking. Homeowners think that they can get rid of reptiles from their yard with a pair of prongs. They grossly underestimate how strong the snakes are and often get fatally bitten. 

Please don’t make this mistake. Do not engage with any potentially dangerous animals/ insects; wait for the pest control team to come in and handle the creepy crawlies for you. 


There we have it; some of the most common DIY areas to avoid if you don’t know what you’re doing. The pros may cost a bit more, but it’s better to call them in than injuring yourself and potentially injuring the family. 

We have gone over everything from a mundane issue like tending to the ceiling fan to tackling pest control and many more in between. This article should raise awareness of how common household injuries are, and calling in the pros lowers the risk of injury and death. 

Follow these tips and make sure you don’t get hurt. If you are taking a DIY task, ensure you have all the tools and gear to see you through the project.

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