If you’re thinking about redecorating your kitchen, there are so many ways that you can bring modern, interesting touches to your space. Whether you plan to overhaul the place as a part of a larger renovation or you simply want to update a feature or two, your contemporary kitchen can be as unique as you are — and still act as the perfect place for you to whip up the very best eats around. 

Here are just a few great ideas for contemporary kitchen decor.

Metallic Detailing

Even though subtle, matte details have been trendy in kitchens of years past, there’s something special about sleek, metallic detailing in kitchens that brings a modern flair. 

Specifically, stainless steel and gold fixtures have become popular in recent years, as they can act as both decor and functional features of a kitchen. 

Clean Lines

Although more of a decorating principle than a specific decor item, but you can definitely apply it to a variety of items in your kitchen. From the countertops to the towels you use, you can keep clean lines in mind when you pick decor for your kitchen. If there’s ever a room to go a bit more modern and minimalist with your decor choices, it’s your kitchen. Don’t be afraid to lean into it! 

Dark Cabinets

One trend that many contemporary kitchens have been utilizing recently is darker colors on cabinetry. Even though historically, modern and contemporary design has been all about light colors, bright light and open-feeling spaces, darker cabinets can be a neutralizing accessory for a sleek, modern kitchen. 

Plus, you can make this switch fairly easily and cheaply with your existing cabinets by painting your cabinets or staining them a darker color. You don’t need to invest in a kitchen remodel to achieve a contemporary look — just one weekend to get the sanding and painting done.



If you love the idea of casual seating and a relaxed environment for an easy breakfast or a solo lunch, look no further than barstools! If you have a kitchen island, this can be an easy addition by making space for a little breakfast nook!

Open Storage

Even though cabinet trends come and go, there’s one non-cabinet option that you can always turn to for contemporary, sleek and unique design. That option is foregoing cabinets entirely. 

Although it may sound odd to cast off the idea of cabinetry, using open storage can give your entire kitchen a minimal, light and airy feeling. Plus, if you have dishes that match your kitchen’s design, open storage allows them to be a part of the decor landscape, not just when you’re having a meal.

Go Green

Let’s say you don’t want to rip anything out or put anything new into the structure of your kitchen — you can still create a modern, contemporary feel without making any substantial changes, and one of the ways to do that is by including greenery in your kitchen. 

Yes, real greenery. There are so many varieties of plants that grow especially well in kitchen environments — like English ivy plants, aloe vera, basil and snake plants!

Light It Up

Light truly has the power to transform a space, and that includes kitchens! One of the best ways to make a kitchen feel bright, modern and contemporary is to brighten it with stylish and effective light sources. 

The key is keeping a balance — include natural light, overhead lighting and maybe even countertop lighting for cooking and detail work. Make sure you get white-tinted bulbs instead of yellow, as that can contribute to a brighter, cleaner feeling space.

Modernizing Your Kitchen With Decor

Modern design means something different to everybody, which means you’ll likely end up with a kitchen that’s uniquely your own. From recent trends to old favorite tricks, there are so many ways to create a bright, modern kitchen that would make anyone want to stick around for a meal. Do you have a favorite kitchen decor trick?


Evelyn Long is a Baltimore-based writer and the editor-in-chief of Renovated. She publishes home decor advice and product roundups for readers in spaces both big and small.

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