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Having Bohemian style for home decoration is quite loved these days. Its colorful and patterned touches can bring a certain fun impression to create a lovely home atmosphere. In creating Bohemian decoration, there are some basic things that you should have. Those things become the key to the characteristic of a Bohemian style. Here we have prepared 10 decoration things that you can adapt so that you can successfully create the design. Check the following considerations for you.


Low Level Seating


Low-level seating with intricately patterned blankets is a great choice to complement your boho décor. Floor pillars are one of those low-level seating as well that will never fail to complement your boho décor. Adding patterned cushions will add perfect comfort to your home. Low-Level Seating from Digsdigs.

Patterned Colorful Pillow


If you like the boho style, you can apply it to your bedroom decor. Super bold and colorful printed pillows will bring a festive boho look and will never fail in your bedroom. Complementing it with a patterned blanket will make your boho decor even more perfect and inspiring. Patterned and Colorful Pillow from Digsdigs.

Layered Rug


Carpet is one of the accessories that will never fail to complete your home decor. You can use a patterned rug to complete the boho-style decor to make it look more perfect. Not only one, but you can also use layered rugs so that they will bring a thick boho look to your home. Layered Rug from Digsdigs.

Plants Everywhere


Choosing to use a bohemian style for decorating your living room is an interesting idea. Bohemian is one of the decorations that have a festive and lively characteristic. Plants everywhere are one of them. You can use a variety of plants such as hanging plants, aglaonema vines, and others to make your bohemian decor even more perfect. Plants Everywhere from Apartmenttherapy.

Patterns Everywhere


You can use the bohemian style to bring a festive look to the dining room decor. Patterns everywhere is one of the hallmarks of bohemian decor. That way you can apply it to your dining room decor. Patterned walls will be the perfect backdrop for your bohemian decor. Then you can complete it with patterned wall chairs so that it will look perfect. Patterns Everywhere from Housebeautiful.

Colorful Tapestry


Tapestry is one of the accessories that will never fail to complement the bohemian style decor. You can use colorful tapestry to cover the empty part of the wall to make it look more attractive. So that it will increase the bohemian style bedroom decoration and look more complete. Colorful Tapestry from Society19.

String Light


Choosing to use string lights to complement the bohemian bedroom decor is a perfect idea. You can mount the string light on a thin fabric that is attached to the ceiling. So that the string light will flow from top to bottom and bring a beautiful look to the bohemian decor. String Light from society19.

Pendant Lamp


Lighting is one of the important things to complement any decor, including a bohemian-style living room. Choosing to use low-hanging vintage pendants for lighting ideas in your living room is an interesting idea. Then you can hang it in the corner of the living room so it will become the perfect focal point. Low-hanging Vintage Pendant Lamps from Housebeautiful.



Leaving the walls plain may look very boring and not a feature of bohemian decor. You can use macramé to decorate your walls so that it will look more prominent and suitable for bohemian decorations. Then you can also use some macramé to hang plants to make your decorations look more beautiful and fresh. Macramé Wall Hanging from Shelterness.

Basket Decoration


You can decorate the walls to enhance the bohemian style living room decor. Wall art is one of the ornaments that can make your walls stand out more. Patterned basketball is one of them! then you can display it on the wall so that it will present the perfect boho look and make your wall look more attractive. Patterned Basket Wall from Homemydesign.

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