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We can feel it already: that chill in the air as we drag ourselves out of bed, or when we start reaching for that extra blanket in the evening. You can hear the mumbles of “Is that summer over then?” or “Shall I pop the heating on?” permeating through the air while we come to grips with the fact that a new season is upon us.

Many of us will agree that the journey from emerging from under the sheets to standing in the bathroom is painful; and the cold, unwelcoming tiles or towels do nothing to prevent us from wanting to head straight back to bed.

Updating your bathroom for winter can make or break your morning routine, and this piece is here to tell you how you can start loving mornings in the bathroom. Probably.

Invest in Some Rugs

One of the fastest ways to avoid that shuddering feeling of your foot hitting the bathroom tiles is to just cover up the tiles. Simple. Investing in some soft rugs can not only keep the warmth in, but will also make your bathroom look a little more homely, stylish, and welcoming, instead of the cold nemesis that it truly is in winter. 

Get Some Heating Installed

For those who are dead against any type of unpleasant chill, updating your bathroom’s heating system is the only way forward for pure heated luxury. Whether you opt for some small bathroom radiators, or underfloor heating, you will be guaranteed your very own warm oasis, which may just make leaving the bathroom that little bit more difficult.  

Change Your Shower Head

There is nothing quite as disappointing as when you want to hop in the shower to warm up, only to be faced with a tiny, dribbling shower head that makes it more apparent that the cold is setting in.

For a real warming experience, why not upgrade your shower head to one that resembles a waterfall. You can now get your hands on plenty of different stylish shower heads, so there should be one that is just what you are looking for. 

Consider a Space Heater

Squash down all of the red flag warnings that are telling you not to put electrics in the bathroom, and get yourself a little space heater. This can be a quick fix for those who do not have the money to renovate the bathroom, and also those who want instant heat. Placing it in the bathroom 10 minutes before you need to go in there should be a significant amount of time to warm the room up, and therefore stepping inside will feel less like you are walking into the fridge.

Just be sure to keep your space heater away from any loose fabrics and water, as although a heater will solve your morning shivering problems, it could potentially cause others.  

Add Some Candles

What is a bathroom without candles in winter? While they might not produce much heat, they can give the illusion of warmth, which can actually trick our brains into thinking we are warmer than we are! Considering how cheap candles are, this one is definitely worth a try. 

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