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Having a small home doesn’t mean that you can’t have many things to be stored inside. You can still have the stuff just like the other people have in their homes. Here, the key is that you should be able to provide a space-saving home decoration. If you really concern about it, you’ll find out that there are really so many possible things and spaces that you can utilize to fulfill your needs of a home just like the other spacious home. For your reference, you can utilize your under-stairs space to be the storage. Build a cabinet there or simply add the door there then you can store anything you want there. For other ideas, you can check on down below.


Corner Storage


Utilizing corner space is one of the right ways to save small space in your home. You can use it to make a mini bar so it doesn’t take up much space but still works well. Then you can use wall racks for storage ideas so that they look more effective. Corner Storage from Homebnc.

Floating Shelves


A simple way to save small space is to take advantage of wall space. You can use wall shelves for storage ideas in your home. White floating shelves above the toilet will be an effective and efficient storage idea in your small bathroom. Floating Shelves from Digsdigs.

Loft Beds


Choosing to use a loft bed is the perfect idea for decorating a small home so that it saves more space. You can use a loft bed made of pipe and wood so that it will present an industrial look. Then you can use the space under the bed for a work desk so that it is more effective. Loft Bed from Apartmenttherapy.

Wall Sconce


Utilization of wall space is one of the most appropriate ways to save space. You can use wall sconces for lighting ideas in your bedroom so that it will provide a double advantage. Apart from saving space on your nightstand, it will also provide perfect lighting in your bedroom. Wall Sconce from Housebeautiful.

Pull Out Desk


You can use a pull out desk to complement your home decor so that it will provide a double advantage. In addition to being suitable for space saving, pull out desks are also more practical because they can be adjusted according to needs. Then you can equip it with a chair in front of it to make it more comfortable and perfect. Pull Out Desk from Housebeautiful.

Under Stair Storage


If you live in a small house, you can make effective use of every corner of the space. Take advantage of the space under the stairs for practical, space-saving storage ideas. You can use pull out drawers under the stairs so it will look neater and more organized. Under Stair Storage from Homebnc.

Built-in Shelf


Use wall space for small space storage ideas as an effective space saving measure. You can use the built in shelves for storage ideas in your small bathroom to make it even more perfect. Built in shelves located above the toilet will make it easier to access and avoid splashing water. Built-in Shelf from Decoratedlife.

Multifunctional Bed


Choosing to use multifunctional furniture is an effective way to save space. You can use a bed with storage ideas under it so that it will provide double benefits for you. In addition to saving space, it will also free your bedroom from a messy look. Multifunctional Bed from Contemporist.

Under the Stair Powder Room


Taking advantage of every nook and cranny in your home is one way to save space. Try to use the space under the stairs to build a small powder room. So it will save space and is suitable for small spaces but still functions well. Under the Stair Powder Room from Digsdigs.

Stair Drawer


If you live in a small house, you will never fail to use stairs for storage ideas. Stairs equipped with drawers will be an effective and efficient storage idea. Apart from providing hidden storage space it lends itself to practical space saving ideas. Stair Drawer from Diyfunideas.

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