Earthy yet modern home decorations

Having a modern home design is awesome since there won’t be any detail that will make everything look crowded. The simplicity also gives a certain calming impression. However, the modern design is quite boring, sometimes. Here, you should add a few touches to give a more friendly atmosphere. From all of the ways, applying the earthy side to the modern design is recommended. Here, the earthy touches won’t ruin the modern design that you have.


Now, let us tell you about the ways that you can do in applying earthy touches to your modern decoration. The first one that you can consider is the color scheme. You can choose the brown earthy color to be applied to some part of your home. Then, you can also have it from the furniture or interior stuff materials. For example, choosing the wood material for your ceiling or floor will be really proper. Here, since the material is already in nature element, then you can paint it with black, white, or grey color for the modern design impression. Please look at the following examples to give you more information on the earthy modern home decoration.

1 s1napinsta.app_1080_328554376_1244066193122706_3966547966730118529_n

This living room uses a wooden coffee table, a wooden tv stand and a wooden side table to present an earthy tone. With a combination of modern decoration and earthy touch, it will make your living room look more perfect. Wooden Coffee Table from @interiorsocialclub

5 snapinsta.app_1080_333655505_867953001166681_1329529281807645670_n

This kitchen floor is made of wood material so it will present a perfect earthy touch. Having a modern design, this kitchen will look stunning with an earthy but still modern touch. Dark Wooden Floor from @designhomesonly

1 snapinsta.app_1080_331151472_721285942872436_4214082259807400534_n

The decoration of this dining room uses a white wooden wall table which will bring an earthy tone there. White walls will be the main background and can present a modern look so that your dining room will present an earthy tone and modern simultaneously. White Wooden Dining Table from @jessicaannereed

2 snapinsta.app_1080_33650885_998894400289254_1023821054046371840_n

This living room uses modern style furniture so it will make it look luxurious. However, the appearance of stone on the living room wall will bring an earthy touch to the decoration of this living room so it looks extraordinary. Stone Wall Expose from

3 snapinsta.app_1080_197606156_893392907876217_4194448870486823094_n

This chevron floor made using wooden material will bring a touch of earthy tones in your bedroom. Meanwhile, the textured walls and textured bed will present a perfect modern look. Chevron Floor from @royaleinteriors_india

6 snapinsta.app_1080_328815524_578791500783254_447262302010599875_n

This bathroom uses a marble floor and hidden lamp for the lighting idea so it looks modern. Stone wall accents in this bedroom decor will present a beautiful earthy look and make your modern decor not boring. Natural Stone Wall from @roomdesgn

7 snapinsta.app_1080_330790221_217043844174649_336566593833325044_n

Look at this kitchen! This kitchen island made using marble is perfect for a modern style. Wooden stools and wooden floors will work together to bring a touch of earthy tones and make your kitchen decor even more stunning. Wooden Stool from @a_curatedspace

1 snapinsta.app_1080_23967620_157856004886291_6131344554122543104_n

It has an earthy design but still looks modern, words that will never fail for your living room decoration ideas. This brick wall will bring the perfect earthy look in this modern living room. Brick Wall from @antarya_designhub

3 snapinsta.app_1080_333704373_5836198123100554_4570186154531067117_n

Shades of white will be a very perfect background for this modern style decoration. A wooden floor with a light gray color theme will present the perfect earthy touch and manage to steal the show. Light Grey Wooden Floor from @neateprojects

4 snapinsta.app_1080_325185491_722593019383749_879751531379182289_n

This dining room has white walls which will serve as the main background and are suitable for modern décor. The owner presents an earthy touch in the form of floating shelves to make it look extraordinary and not boring at all. Wooden Floating Shelves from @thelafleurhouse

5 snapinsta.app_1080_292861312_193585229692744_1851479459064137751_n

It has a modern theme, making this bedroom look luxurious but quite boring. Therefore, the owner presents an earthy touch in the form of desks and shelves so that it will look very attractive. Wooden Desk from @juned_jalihal

6 snapinsta.app_1080_180726453_161369975901618_734976725011299962_n

This wooden floor with a chevron pattern succeeds in bringing an earthy touch to the dining room decor. White shades and modern style furniture will make this dining room decoration look perfect. Wooden Floor from @loupenneyy


7 snapinsta.app_1080_331536673_493525702989659_7747575668778889405_n

You can never fail to combine earthy and modern in your home decor. This time you can present a wooden door in a modern style bedroom decoration so that it will look attractive in a very simple way. Wooden Door from @optimakitchens

8 snapinsta.app_1080_328396884_206250588602508_2440233952338398123_n

Extraordinary ! The owner used textured wooden walls to give a touch of an earthy tone in this modern room so it doesn’t look boring. Hidden lighting will make this room decoration even more extraordinary and very inspiring. Textured Wooden wall from @bezmirno

1 snapinsta.app_1080_333724539_3318035061779169_5862689201140218578_n

This living room uses a wooden floor, wooden chair pad and wooden bench so that it will give a perfect easy look. But the owner also added marble accents there so that your living room will look modern. Wooden Floor from @altforliving

2 snapinsta.app_1080_328146932_141385425500389_5407278391330177978_n

Different from the others ! This living room uses a wooden floor and coffee table so that it will present a beautiful and warm earthy look. Paired with a white sofa makes it look perfect. Natural wooden Floor from @interior.philosophy

3 snapinsta.app_1080_329241643_156441803906624_5594987094250174176_n

This canopy bed made of wood will present a beautiful and attractive natural feel. White walls and white home accessories will make your bedroom look modern. Canopy Bed from @meganmolten

4 snapinsta.app_1080_332712603_121994927302101_1807106485303439504_n

Using a wooden floor is one of the right ways for earthy decorating ideas. Then you can use a marble coffee table to give a modern look to your living room. Wooden Floor and Wall from @massimointeriors

5 snapinsta.app_1080_169047024_446190769944033_5869599034112344378_n

This natural wooden floor and wooden bench will never fail for earthy tone bedroom decorating ideas. But you have to use white walls and ceilings to make it look modern. Natural Wooden Bench from @boho_decor__

6 snapinsta.app_1080_51815115_2236101613317893_3788753833919862613_n

Take a look at this wooden block coffee table and sisal rug. He will work together to give your home an earthy look so it looks more attractive. Walls painted in shades of white will be the perfect background in this living room. Wooden Block Coffee Table from @metalvintage

7 snapinsta.app_1080_157807547_2963561370540860_8952409285227330362_n

Having an easy theme shown by the wooden floor, this living room looks beautiful and elegant. Paired with modern style furniture, this living room has an earthy style while still looking modern. Floating shelves from @boho_decor__

9 snapinsta.app_1080_298523478_1248629599305148_8687986679172977551_n

This wooden floor, wooden stool and wooden kitchen cabinet are perfect for an easy decorating idea. Pairing it with shades of white makes it look more modern and manages to steal the show. Wooden stool from @agent.rebecca


Wooden is one of the earthy materials that you can apply to your home. This time you can use wood for the floor so it will make your interior look extraordinary. White tones will give a modern look to your earthy living room. Chevron Floor from @altforliving


This Rattan chair and wooden floor signifies that this dining room has an earthy style. But the marble table and white wall will bring the perfect modern feel. Rattan Furniture from @meganmolten

1 snapinsta.app_1080_274471839_136747275512706_4921364142963435671_n

This living room has an earthy touch that is presented by the wooden coffee table so that it will present a warm, natural feel. Then you can add some plants on top so that it will present a beautiful and refreshing look. Wooden Coffee Table from @iwona.jar

2 snapinsta.app_1080_101055088_1016554672109629_7054119617011346824_n

Bringing an earthy touch to living room decor is an interesting idea. This time, you can present it in the form of furniture, namely side tables and floating shelves so that it will be exposed perfectly. Wooden Floor from @laurenbylauren

3 snapinsta.app_1080_291795325_591564439336618_647916968775304271_n

This living room uses an earthy touch for interior decoration. Floors made using wood look very elegant and can present a soothing natural feel. Wooden Livingroom Interior from @sylahome

4 snapinsta.app_1080_279918180_507173857564538_2935516857873029638_n

This kitchen uses a wooden kitchen island and wooden backsplash to make it look beautiful with an earthy look. Then the white nuances on the walls and kitchen cabinets will present a modern look at the same time. Earthy tone Kitchen Island from @cozyhomeshots

5 snapinsta.app_1080_286318906_538161227973603_7328827444012580971_n

Using an earthy theme for kids bedroom decorating ideas will bring a different feel and give you peace. Wooden floor, and wooden furniture will work together to present the perfect earthy touch. Earthy Furniture from @mybohomestyle

6 snapinsta.app_1080_286886102_523004499563973_8974607646312801431_n

This breakfast nook uses a floor made using wooden material so that it will display a perfect earthy feel. Then the owner used white nuance on the walls and furniture so that your breakfast nook looks absolutely extraordinary Natural wooden Floor from @mybohomestyle

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