Your tropical home will be awesome with these 30 designs

Nothing can be fresher and more welcoming than the tropical touches for your home decoration. Of course, you will need some greenery here. To make it perfect, you should be able to provide tropical plants. Are you worried now, since you don’t have any capability in taking care of the plants? Well, the real plants are perfect, but you can always have the fake one for sure. If that still feels impossible for you because of the space limitation, then there is still a solution for you. You can simply look for the wallpaper or wall decal that has a tropical theme. For a more aesthetic one, you can get the mural which will be awesome! Take a look at the references below.


Choosing to use shades of green for home office decoration ideas is the perfect idea so that it will present a tropical look. You can use banana leaf wallpaper so that it will present a refreshing natural look. Then you can add plants in the corner of the room so it will look perfect. Banana Leaf Wallpaper from Homebnc.


Adding wallpaper is one simple idea to bring a tropical look to your home. You can choose to use a green wallpaper so it will look fresher. Then use leaves cushions and house plants so that it will present the perfect tropical look. Green Wallpaper from Homebnc.


You can bring a tropical feel to your bedroom decor by adding a touch of green there. The leaf wallpaper above the bed works well to bring a tropical look there. Wooden floors, green benches and green bedding will complete your tropical décor. Leaves Wallpaper from Homebnc.


If you like tropical nuances, you can use shades of green in your bathroom decor. Green leaf wallpaper is the right choice in addition to giving a fresh feel it will also give a beautiful look. Then you can add tropical plants such as monstered and others to make it more perfect. Tropical Plants from Digsdigs.


Green walls are the right choice to complement tropical bathroom décor. Leaf pattern shower curtain will complete your tropical bathroom decor. Tropical plants everywhere will make your bathroom decoration more perfect and can inspire. Green Wall from Digsdigs.


Choosing to use wooden furniture is the right idea to complement tropical decorations. The backsplash coated with green wallpaper will make your tropical decoration more perfect and look brighter. White pendant light above the dining table will provide perfect lighting in your kitchen. Wooden Furniture from Shelterness.


Green leaves wallpaper will bring the perfect tropical look to your kitchen. The white floor and white kitchen set will give a clean and bright feel there. Bar stools made of rattan will make your tropical decor even more perfect. Rattan Bar Chair from Shelterness.


Plants are one that can bring a tropical look to your home. You can use palm trees and monstered to complete your decoration so it will look perfect. The console table that is painted in green will make your decoration fresh and perfect. Tropical Plant from Idealhome.


Choosing to use a tropical theme for your home office decoration is an interesting idea that will make your home office look more fresh. You can use a green wallpaper and add leaf wall art. Then add some greenery there to make your tropical decoration more real. Tropical Home Office from Digsdigs.


A green sofa is the right choice to complement the tropical-style living room decor. Round coffee table made of wood will make your living room more perfect. Then you can add plants in the corner of the living room so it will look fresher. Green Sofa from Decoist.


The palm trees behind the sofa will give the perfect tropical feel to your living room. A green sofa will make your decor even more perfect. Walls with white shades will present a clean and bright appearance, making them suitable for tropical decorations. Palm Trees from Decoist.


Complementing the living room decor with a letter L sofa with a Turquois nuance is the right choice for tropical decorating ideas. A round coffee table made of wood will never fail for a tropical décor. Tropical plant in the corner of the room will provide natural freshness in your living room. Turquois Sofa and Tropical Plant from Shelterness.


Wooden furniture is one of the right choices to complement your tropical living room decor. A green sofa with leaf pattern cushions will bring a refreshing look there. The tree in the corner of the living room will work well to bring a natural tropical feel to your living room. Wooden and Green Nuance from Shelterness.


The turquoise wall will give a bright and cheerful feel in your living room. The combination of wood and rattan furniture will bring a real tropical look there. House plants everywhere will provide natural freshness and make tropical decorations more complete. Wooden and Rattan Furniture from Shelterness.


You can use a green sofa to complement the tropical living room decor. Then you can pair it with a coffee table made of rattan so it will look harmonious. Adding plants everywhere will make your living room fresher and feel healthier. Green Sofa and Rattan Coffee Table from Shelterness.


Using shades of green for tropical-style living room decor is a choice that will never fail. Leaf wallpaper will be the perfect background in your tropical living room. Green carpets and tropical plants will enhance your tropical décor so that it looks even more stunning. Green Nuance from Shelterness.


You can decorate the dining room in a tropical style to make it look fresher. Dining chairs with leaf-patterned pads and cushions will give the perfect tropical look. Then you can add table cloth and napkins with a leaf pattern too so it will look stunning. Leaf Pattern Accessories from Shelterness.


To bring a tropical feel you have to choose the right furniture. Letter L sofa with green leaf patterned cover is a choice that will never fail to decorate your tropical living room. Then you can add chairs made of bamboo to make your tropical decorations more real. Green Leaf Pattern Sofa from Southernliving.


You can use a mustard-patterned sofa to complement your living room decor so that it will present a bright appearance. Then you can add an additional green seating ottoman to make it look more complete. Plants in the corner of the room will contribute a natural freshness in the living room. Monstered Pattern Sofa from Southernliving.


This bedroom is white in color so it looks bright and natural. Wooden Bedframe and leaf bedding will bring a beautiful tropical look to your bedroom. The palm tree beside the bed will provide natural freshness and make your tropical decoration more complete and real. Palm Trees from Completely-coastal.


Opting for neutral shades like white is a perfect idea for tropical décor. White wooden ceiling looks simple and elegant to complement your bedroom decor. Rattan headboard and pendant light will bring a tropical touch there. Green plants will bring a natural feel that is very refreshing and makes your decoration more beautiful. Natural Bedroom from Shelterness.


If you like tropical decorations, you can apply them in the bedroom. Long curtains with green leaf motif will bring a fresh look and will never fail for tropical decor. Then you can add a Cabinet with a green cover so it will look complete and fresh. Leaf Bedroom Nuance from Shelterness.


Bamboo is a material that fits perfectly with the tropical theme. Using a canopy bed made of bamboo is the perfect idea for a tropical-style bedroom. Greeneries in the corner of the room will make your tropical decoration more perfect and keep it fresh. Bamboo Furniture from Shelterness.


Plants are one that can bring a tropical feel to your home. You can place some tropical plants on the right and left of your bed to create freshness there. The Peacock Chair made of rattan will never fail to complement your tropical décor. Tropical Bedroom from Shelterness.


Bamboo walls and bamboo carpets are the right choice to bring a tropical look to your home. Bedding with leaf motifs will make your bathroom decoration look more beautiful and attractive. Tropical plants everywhere will give a natural feel and make your bedroom more fresh and inspiring. Bamboo Wall and Carpet from Digsdigs.


This bathroom is designed with a tropical feel so that it will give a cool and pleasant feel. Wall wallpaper with leaf motifs will provide its own charm there. Green dressers and greenery that flow from top to bottom will bring their own charm and can inspire. Fun Tropical Bathroom from Digsdigs.


Having a tropical bathroom might be fun because it will bring a refreshing feel. Brick wall and stone sink will give the perfect natural touch in your bathroom. Rattan hanging lamps and greeneries will give a refreshing tropical feel. Brick Wall and Stone Sink from Digsdigs.


Try using wallpaper to complement your entryway decoration to make it look better. You can use green leaf wallpaper to bring a tropical look there. Adding some potted plants will make your entryway decorations look fresher and more natural. Banana Leaf Wallpaper from Decoist.


Using wallpaper with leaf and flower motifs to complement your home office decor is an interesting idea. Apart from giving it a beautiful look it is also suitable for tropical decorations. Floating wooden decks will make your decor look modern. Vines that flow from top to bottom will bring stunning beauty to your home office. Leaf and Flower Wallpaper from Shelterness.


Green walls are the right choice for tropical themed decorations so they will look bright. Long green curtains will make your decorations look matching and beautiful. Then you can add some plants there to create a real natural feel there. Green Home Office from Shelterness.

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