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Living in a rental apartment is not bad at all. You can still live comfortably by retouching these and those for your apartment decoration. Well, since it is a rental, then providing too much redecoration stuff is such a waste. What you need to do here is complete what you have had from the apartment facilities. Giving the additional touches that can add to the beauty and the comfort of the apartment. For example, you can change the curtain with a more proper design, add the rug to your living room or bedroom, put some greenery for the fresh atmosphere, and do so many more possible projects that you can do. The following images will explain more. Check them out!


If you live in an apartment rental, you should renovate it first to make it more comfortable and according to your needs. You can add floating shelves in a small kitchen to create storage space there so that it will make your kitchen look neater. Then you can paint it according to the color of the wall to make it look the same. Kitchen Shelves from Mydomaine.


You can renovate an apartment rental before you live in it to make it more comfortable. You can start from the kitchen. Painting kitchen cabinets is an easy way to renovate your rental apartment. Choosing to use light blue paint will make your kitchen cabinet look more beautiful and like new again. Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets from Mydomaine.


Painting the walls is an easy way to renovate your rental apartment. You can paint the bedroom walls to make it look more beautiful and attractive. Try painting with a combination of blue and lilac so it will look more beautiful. Wall Paint from Stylesatlife.


Try to renovate your apartment to make it more comfortable and look beautiful. Adding wallpaper on the walls is an interesting idea to renovate your bedroom. You can choose a wallpaper that can be removed so that it is easier to replace. Apply Removable Wallpaper from Thespruce.


You can start remodeling the rental apartment from the living room because it is one of the main rooms. Try adding a cover to the living room sofa so you will get many benefits. In addition to making your sofa feel more comfortable, it will also provide an attractive appearance in your living room. Sofa Cover from Littlepieceofme.


Renovating the kitchen is one of the right ways to create comfort in your apartment rental. It doesn’t have to be complicated all you need is to add a rug in your kitchen. You can choose a long rug and use it to cover the floor so that it will make your decor even more perfect. Adding Rug from Veranda.


Curtain is one of the accessories that can be used to decorate any space, including the bedroom. Not only for windows treatment, you can use curtains to cover the bed nook so that it will create perfect privacy. Choosing a striped long curtain with a black and white color combination will present a beautiful appearance in your bedroom. Curtain for Bed Nook from Housebeautiful.


Renovating the bed is one way to increase comfort in an apartment rental. You can renovate a canopy bed by adding a white curtain so that it will provide perfect comfort. In addition to providing privacy, the canopy bed will also provide warmth and protect you from cold air. Canopy Bed with Curtain from Housebeautiful.


Adding plants is one of the perfect ideas to complete your apartment rental. Choosing to use broadleaf plants is the right idea because it is a type of tropical plant and is suitable for indoor decoration. Then you can place it in the bedroom so that it will provide natural freshness and make your bedroom feel healthier. Adding Plants from Housebeautiful.


Try renovating the dining room to create comfort in your apartment rental. You can renovate only the furniture so that it is simpler but still increases the comfort there. Adding a cover to a chair wall is the perfect idea so that in addition to feeling more comfortable, it will look like new again and stay on in an easy and inexpensive way. Dining Chair Cover from Homedit.


Choosing to use a wicker chair to complement the breakfast nook is an interesting idea. Repainting wicker chairs is one easy way to complete your apartment rental renovation. Then you can add pads and cushions to the wicker chair to make it feel more comfortable. Chair Pad from Country living.


Leaving a blank wall may make your apartment look boring. You add art work on your wall so it looks more beautiful and stands out. Hanging art work above the bed will bring its own charm and become the perfect focal point. Art Work from Realhomes.


The wall is one that can enhance the decor of your apartment rental. A simple way to renovate a rental apartment is to add wall galleries. You can make wall galleries from the collection of photos and paintings that you have so that it will make your walls look more attractive and your art collection can be exposed. Wall Galleries from Realhomes.


Lighting is one of the things that can improve the decor of your apartment rental. You can add floor lamps to complement the lighting ideas in your living room to make it look more perfect. A lamp shade made from a basket will bring its own charm to your living room. Floor Lamp from Realhomes.


Adding a room divider is an interesting idea for apartment rental renovations. You can use a room divider to divide the living room and bedroom so it will look more organized. Room divider with coral nuance will look beautiful and can inspire everyone who sees it. Room Divider from Housebeautiful.

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