Pretty floral decorations you can have for your home

You might think that floral stuff will be too much to be applied as your home decoration. However, the floral decoration can be really effective to create a pretty impression of your home. You can manage the amount of the floral application or how wide you want to have the floral touches so that everything can be controlled. That will be useful for you who don’t want to have too festive floral decoration. Anyway, for the application, that will have so many choices and not only for the vase. For example, you can have the flower in form of a wreath, garland, hanging ornament, floral patterned wallpaper, or even a floral pattern curtain.


Paper Floral Arrangement


This flower arrangement made of blue colored paper looks bright and pretty. The green leaves on the underside of the flowers will make the flower arrangement look real. Put it in a white ceramic vase and place it on the table so that it will bring its own charm to your home. Paper Flower Arrangement from Homebnc.

Floral Wall Decor


Leaving the wall blank might make it look boring. Making DIY flower arrangements is an interesting idea that can save costs. You can choose white flowers and put them in a vase jar. Then you can hang it on a whiteboard attached to the wall so it looks very beautiful. Floral Wall Decor from Homebnc.

Hanging Flower Pom


Making flower crafts to complement your home decor is one of the interesting ideas that you should try now. You can make flower poms in red and pink so they look really pretty. Hanging it in any room will make your decoration more perfect and look attractive. Hanging Flower Poms from Homebnc.

Floral Centerpiece


You can use florals to compliment your home decor so that it will present a beautiful and attractive appearance. Arranging flowers and leaves on a wooden box will be a beautiful and interesting craft. Then you can place it on the dining table so that it will become the perfect centerpiece. Floral Centerpiece from Homebnc.

Floral Chandelier


Adding floral to complete your home decor is one of the right ideas to present a beautiful appearance. You can make a DIY baby mobile using colorful floral so it will look more festive. Then you can hang it above the bed so it will look attractive. Floral Chandelier from Homebnc.

Floral Heart-Shaped Wreath


Try to complete your home decor with a wreath to make it look more festive. You can make a heart wreath using peach floral so it will look beautiful. Then you can hang it on the wall so that it will make your wall look more prominent and not boring. Heart Wreath from Homebnc.

Floral Garland


Garland is one of the ornaments that you can use to complete your home decor. You can make a garland using artificial flowers and artificial leaves so that it will look more beautiful. Then you can hang it on the door so that it will make your decoration even more perfect. Floral Garland from Homebnc.

Floral Wallpaper


If you like a feminine look, you can add a floral touch to your home decor. It doesn’t have to be original floral, you can use floral wallpaper so it will look more festive. Floral wallpaper with a combination of pink and blue will bring a beautiful and feminine look to your home. Floral Wallpaper from Shelterness.

Floral Curtain


Complementing your home decor with curtains is one idea that will never fail. Long curtain will be a window treatment that can be adjusted to your needs. You can choose a long curtain with a floral motif so that it will present a very beautiful feminine look. Floral Curtain from Deavita.

Floral Tablecloth


You can complete your home decor with a floral touch so that it will present a beautiful appearance. Try using floral tablecloths to complement your dining table decorations. Choose a colorful floral tablecloth so that it will present a beautiful appearance and look festive. Floral Tablecloth from Goodhousekeeping.

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