There are several outdoor flooring options available for garden owners to floor their lawn. Composite decking is one option homeowners can select. Another option is plastic or PVC decking. Porcelain paving, concrete paving and wood decking are other outdoor flooring materials UK homeowners can use. But when making a patio, garden owners must select the best from the options. So, what are the best outdoor flooring materials in the UK? This write-up explains the attributes of the top 5 garden flooring solutions for your yard.

Composite Decking

This decking type is synthetic and made from recycled materials. Engineers create composite decking to last long. That is why when considering the best outdoor flooring material, and in the UK, composite should be the first option. The attributes of plastic wood decking are numerous. 

Aesthetic Value

One quality of wood-plastic composite is that it is attractive. Yes, if you have seen plastic wood decking before, you will understand. With wood-plastic composite, you can create a theme in your garden. Aside from that, composite decking enables homeowners to create a modern harden in their homes. Every homeowner desires a contemporary garden with beautiful structures in it. The colour or surface pigmentation of plastic wood decking is long-lasting. Unlike other outdoor structures that will rapidly fade, plastic wood decking will remain attractive even when you construct it under the sun. And if selecting various colours is your concern, wood-plastic composite comes in different surface pigments. Garden owners can choose grey, green, oak, silver, and brown boards.

Resistant to Weather

Homeowners can install plastic wood decking in any UK environment, and he guarantees that it will last long. Composite decking can survive hot climates as well as cold environments. The boards are strong and have plastic shells that protect the surface from moisture. Since moisture destroys an outdoor flooring material quickly, your plastic wood decking will last long. When you construct composite decking, it won’t crack, break, warp and sag.

Maintenance Is Easy

Taking care of your plastic wood decking is easy and requires less effort. This is because all garden owners need to keep their patio clean is to sweep the surface. Also, scrubbing the boards will remove stains and dirt. Garden owners don’t have to sand, paint, seal and stain their decking.  

PVC Decking

Like composite decking, PVC decking is a synthetic material, but it doesn’t contain wood. 

Aesthetic Value

PVC decking is attractive, which means that garden owners can install it to add beauty to their lawn. Also, PVC decking comes in various surface pigments like composite. But unlike composite decking, PVC cannot be customised to look like wood decking. This is one setback for plastic decking because most homeowners prefer a decking that has the traditional appearance of timber.  

Resistant to Weather

Weather elements will not destroy PVC decking when you install it outdoors. This makes a plastic patio suitable for any outdoor environment. 


Another good side of PVC decking is that maintenance Is easy. Plastic decking needs sweeping or scrubbing to clean the surface. 

Porcelain Paving 

Porcelain or ceramic paving is another durable outdoor flooring material UK homeowners can use. 

Aesthetic Value

Like composite, porcelain paving is attractive, and the surface texture will not rapidly fade. This flooring material adds value and helps garden owners to convert their garden to a modern one. 


Taking care of porcelain paving is easy. With a broom or a moo, homeowners can clean the surface of their paving. Also, there is no need for garden owners to stain or paint porcelain surfaces to make them attractive. 

Resistant to Weather

Homeowners can install porcelain paving outdoors and be confident that it will last long. Moisture, heat, cold and wind will not destroy your paving when you install it in your garden.


What are the best outdoor flooring materials in the UK? Composite decking is the number me flooring option in the UK. Aside from composite, PVC decking, porcelain paving and concrete paving are other flooring options.

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