You’re so anxious that you forget to brush your teeth in the morning. You just received a note from your ten-year-old daughter’s school teacher about missed homework and disruptive behavior. In fact, you’re so frazzled that your three your old hasn’t slept properly for three nights. That is when you start to wonder that if a home remodel is even worth the effort? While putting your home renovation projects on hold till your kids move out of the house isn’t a practical approach, don’t worry, as we have some good news for you. In fact, you can have that beautiful living room or modern kitchen you always wanted and keep your sanity in the process by following home renovation self-care tips. In the end, all you need is some finesse and some expert advice, as mentioned below.

1. Move Your Renovation Team To Another Location

There is no better way to remain safe and sane during a home remodel than to move to another home or location altogether. It could either be a friend’s/ family member’s house or temporary accommodations like a motel or a hotel. What’s more, you also ensure your renovation team’s safety. While you cannot ask your friends or family members to house them, you can consider temporary lodgings for them. after all, a safe workforce is a satisfied and productive workforce indeed.

Furthermore, finding accommodation for your renovation team is as easy as opening your internet browser. For instance, if your house is located in Pecos, Texas, you can Google the term ‘Pecos lodging‘ to find temporary workforce housing for your renovation team. Doing so will drastically cut down their traveling time and reduce the chances of accidents due to a tired team. 

2. Ensure That Your Home’s Structure Is Secure Before Starting The Renovation

When renovating or remodeling an older house, it is likely that its structure is already compromised most of the time. In fact, even a tiny hammer strike can bring it down due to a flimsy foundation. And you wouldn’t want to be inside such a house, right?! However, an easy way to ensure that your home is secure for a remodel is to hire a structural engineer to write a report. Moreover, consider looking for a few visual signs that might indicate a deteriorating structure or foundation, such as water damage, crack in the walls, damaged ceilings, brown spots, mildew, mold, etc.

3. Separate Yourself From The Renovation Zone

Although, as mentioned above, it is a perfect idea to move to another place while there’s a renovation project going on inside your home, not every homeowner has the luxury to do so. That said, if you’re not going to move to another location, consider creating a safe zone inside your home. This area should be as far as possible from the renovation zone to ensure that you don’t have to deal with all the noise created when renovators bring down walls or drill through ceilings.

However, be prepared to experience constant traffic when renovators come and go. Moreover, ensure that you have everything you require to keep yourself sane in your ‘renovation-free zone. For instance, if you’re remodeling your kitchen, be prepared to order food as your kitchen will be out of order for a few days. In the end, when renovators don’t have to deal with you continuously butting in and out of the renovation zone, they’ll be done with the remodel sooner rather than later.  

4. Always Remain Organized

DIY home remodels will undoubtedly lead to disaster if you don’t remain organized during the remodeling project. So when you begin, there will definitely be various punch lists, project updates, receipts, and more. As s result, creating a home renovation filling system is recommended, whether electronic copies or hard copies. Doing so will allow you to track, monitor, and fall back to the things you require to remain organized. While lists are excellent, tackling all the tasks at once will turn your renovation project upside down.

Furthermore, it is advisable to avoid micromanaging your renovation projects to reduce the stress and anxiety you might experience. Instead, consider researching a couple of contractors before starting your project while asking them for renovation advice. Moreover, if you choose to hire a professional renovator or contractor, don’t forget to convey your expectation accurately.

5. Determine When Dirt Becomes An Issue

One of the most significant issues during a home renovation project is dirt and dust buildup, specially during the drywall demolition phase. After all, dust can enter your airways and cause unnecessary breathing issues and allergies. that said, small children and babies are at more of a risk here as their lungs and airways are developing. Moreover, homeowners who suffer from COPD and asthma should steer clear of dirt and dust that results from the renovation project.

In the end, dust and dirt control is of the utmost importance, and there are tons of equipment that allow you to do so. Furthermore, you and your entire family should consider wearing masks or breathing equipment, specially if you’re renovating a studio apartment and have no other place to go.

6. Follow A Routine To Maintain Your Sanity

There is no shadow of a doubt that a lot will happen during the home renovation project. However, it is vital to prioritize your physical and mental health above everything else. Meaning, you must follow the same routine as you did before the home remodel. So, whether it is your fitness or exercise routine, drinking that morning coffee every day, or volunteering at your local community shelter, always keep at it!

Furthermore and most importantly, it would be best if you always manage your expectations. Doing some research beforehand, knowing when to ask for professional help, and budgeting for potential renovations is crucial to maintaining your mental and physical well-being during a home remodel.

Going for a home renovation project is a big undertaking. Sure the result will make you jump from excitement. However, a home remodel will undoubtedly take a toll on your mental, mental, and, most importantly, financial health. So, whether you’ve hired a professional to perform renovations or you’re overseeing the project yourself, you must always remain prepared. So, consider following the self-care tips mentioned in this article, and your renovation project will go as smoothly as possible!

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