Marble is a beautiful natural stone that has been used for centuries to create stunning and timeless pieces of work. Carrara marble tiles are no different, and they can be installed in any room or outdoor space to produce an elegant effect. In this post, we will explore Carrara marble tiles from every angle so that you know everything there is to know about them before making your purchase decision.

What is Carrara marble tile and what makes it different from other types of marble tiles

Carrara marble tile is a pure-white stone quarried in the town of Carrara, Italy. This particular type of marble is characterized by its varying colors that are evidence of mineral deposits created over time. Another big difference is that Carrara limestone tiles are made without calcite or sulfur additives. Carrara marble tiles are processed to remove calcite and sulfur, making them much stronger than regular natural stones, which can allow them to be used for flooring applications or countertops where the regular natural stone might wear down quicker. 

Where can you find Carrara marble tile

Carrara marble can be found in tile shops, big box stores, tile outlets, and home centers. It is available in square-foot tiles, mosaics, and other decorative styles.

Alternatively, you can also search for them online on eBay or Amazon. One square foot of Carrara marble can cost anywhere from $10 to $20 depending on where it is purchased. However, prices may fluctuate depending on the number of tiles ordered at once or the size of the square footage needed. Marble surfaces are often quite expensive because they must be heavily ingrained with topical sealers to make them resistant to stains which would break their smooth appearance however this is one trade-off for such a radiant appearance that cannot be replicated using any other material.

How to install Carrara marble tile on a floor or wall

Installation is done by fastening the Carrara marble tiles with adhesive to a surface like drywall or concrete, then grouting the seams between the panels after the installation has cured. The desired type of adhesive should line up seamlessly with that of the work surface; in most cases, tile adhesives will need latex additives mixed in with it to provide flexibility when curing under varying conditions (such as temperature extremes). 

Tips for working with Carrara marble tiles such as cleaning, sealing, and maintenance

It’s essential that the Carrara Marble Tile be sealed with a sealer before installation. If not, then any oils or liquids will seep into the porous marble and permanently stain the surface and etch it over time due to high acidity. It can also create a dust attraction like no other: water droplets collect on un-sealed tiles and attract all sorts of debris particles.

To clean Carrara marble tile, use a natural detergent mixed with warm water. Sprinkle a little of this to wipe down your floor. Do not use hot or cold water as they might cause the grout lines to loosen and it also could cause discoloration on the tile. Rinse off well and use a dry cloth to remove any remaining residue before proceeding with another round of cleaning.

The benefits of using Carrara marble tiles in your home’s design

Carrara marble is a beautiful, luxurious product that can be used as a focal point for any space.

In addition to being lightweight and easy to install, Carrara marble tiles also provide natural beauty. The mosaic of colors from the variation in tone lends a certain mystique to interiors and will brighten up any room among other basic design choices. In general, marble tiles are perfect for creating elegant spaces with classic elegance. Carrara marble tiles provide an opportunity for homeowners everywhere to dream big and live beautifully!

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