As far as one can see, cash home buyers in real estate do not have the most immaculately pure reputation. The truth of the matter is that cash home buyers publicly announce that we buy houses for cash so that you do not have to wait months and showcase your house to a million different prospective buyers. When the deal finalizes the homeowner realizes that the real estate agent could not sell my house fast or secure the latest market price on the property. Even so, the homeowner will still have to pay a hefty commission to the real estate agent to process the paperwork. 

Going through bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, or dealing with inheritance property are all situations where time is of the essence and property owners are looking for cash home buyers fast. “You want to make a quick call, answer some basic questions about your property and get serious offers from cash home buyers that will be instantly faithful to their promise,” says Brett Riggins, owner of a house flipping company in Michigan by the name of Connect Home Buyers. “We realize the two most important things for homeowners looking for cash home buyers are time and saving money on extra costs like repairs, commissions, and paperwork.”

It is only natural for homeowners to be reluctant to sell their house to cash home buyers from the get-go. This is why we are here to clear up the confusion for those of you that want to sell my house fast. 

What Does It Mean To “Sell My House Fast” To Cash Home Buyers?

Selling your house for cash is comparable to exchanging your old car to the dealership before you buy a new one from them. The truth is that you might be able to get more money by selling the car yourself but it would take much longer and it requires more effort. To get a good price, you might need to make some minor repairs, advertise on the internet, let potential buyers test drive your car, and prepare all of the paperwork when the deal finalizes. 

Interpreting this process into real estate terms for a homeowner that wants to sell my house fast to cash home buyers works out like this:

  • Request An Offer: Instead of showing your house to potential buyers and waiting for the right people to present an offer you move straight to requesting an offer. You have the choice to sell your house “as is” or let the cash home buyers know if you decide to make any repairs. 
  • House Evaluation: Cash home buyers will gather some basic information about the home. Genuine cash home buyers research the local market and send a representative for a property appraisal to determine what they are willing to offer for the property. Legitimate cash home buyers will not let the homeowner pay for anything and this process will be completed in record time. 
  • Cash Home Buyers Submit An Offer: Cash home buyers will submit their offer to the homeowner. The offer consists of the cash price the cash home buyers will pay for the house. The offer contains valuable information for homeowners facing foreclosure or who are behind on their payments because they have the opportunity to accept cash for their property and not have to worry about the paperwork for the property.
  • Review The Offer: The homeowner, as the seller, has the opportunity to review the offer which includes details such as the cash price and other details. The homeowner has the privilege to either accept the offer or reject it. 
  • Ask For Proof Of Funds: The homeowner has the exclusive right to ask the cash home buyers for the supporting documentation which will verify that the cash home buyers have the necessary funds to complete the transaction of the proposed amount. The homeowner can also inquire about the completion of the necessary documents to complete the transaction
  • Conduct Inspections (Optional): Some cash home buyers will conduct inspections and appraisals after the homeowner accepts the offer. Legitimate cash home buyers will rarely schedule inspections before the offer is accepted by the homeowner. Do not hesitate to ask your cash home buyers upfront if they need to schedule home inspections.
  • Fast-Forward To Closing: Since there are no mortgages, loans, or lenders involved both parties can move on to the closing. In some cases, you can sell your house with a closing date within one week. In most cases, you will be able to close within 2 to 3 weeks at most.
  • You Get Paid: The cash home buyers will wire the funds into your bank account within a few days or weeks at most. Confirm with your cash home buyers how soon they can transfer the money into your account. 

Are Cash Home Buyers Legitimate?

Yes. Many legitimate cash home buyers across the United States will facilitate you to sell my house fast. These cash home buyers are good on their word. Even so, it is recommended that you do your research into the organization before conducting any transaction with them. 

Always inquire about the confidentiality of all of your personal information. Legitimate cash home buyers will never share your personal information without your consent. Genuine cash home buyers will be more interested in buying your house rather than trying to refer you to a real estate firm to make a commission. Always make sure you ask the necessary questions BEFORE you sign a contract.

Check Their BBB Rating

Always make sure the cash home buyer you decide to work with is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It is not recommended to take your business to non-accredited organizations. Organizations that are not accredited by the BBB can be a disguised premise for some other kind of business activity. Non-accredited organizations will most likely be working for their financial gains rather than have the best interest of the seller on their mind. 

Being an accredited member of the BBB means that the organization adheres to the principles and codes of the BBB. It also means that the cash home buyer can be trusted to ethically deliver on their promises. You should be able to see reviews from their previous clients as a testimonial of the level of service they deliver. Genuine cash home buyers will have numerous positive reviews testifying to their level of service.

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