Christmas is a special time of the year for students as they can spend quality time with family and friends and make new memories. Christmas decorations are an essential part of creating a festive atmosphere.

One of the activities students may enjoy most when they’re home for the holidays is decorating the Christmas tree and the rest of the home with other family members. They may look forward to this for months. Here are some ideas to make this activity extra special.


Create a welcoming front door

The front door of the home should create a welcoming sight and set the tone for the inside decor. Framing it in a garland wrapped in red berries with a wreath in the same design is one idea for a standout entrance. 

A trio of three wreaths decorated with ornaments, LED lights and a large bow to top it off flanked by two decorated pot plants will also create a warm welcome. A gold wreath always looks great, especially when there’s plenty of greenery around the door. Introduce some black-and-white checkered patterns to the green and red if you want to go more modern and liven things up. 

Decorate the Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is the most important feature of all inside the home at Christmas time. It’s usually ‘the more, the merrier’ mentality when it comes to Christmas décor and the tree is no exception. Festive Christmas trees decked out in lights, garlands and ornaments are a wonderful feast for the eyes. 

The first step is adding the lights and you need to start at the base of the trunk and work your way up, wrapping the lights around all the major branches. Decorating with a ribbon instead of a garland is a popular choice today. The best Christmas trees are filled with layers of memories, including ornaments that may have been collected over many years. Going out to buy a new ornament to add to the collection every year can be a special family occasion. 

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Decorate the mantle

Once you have the Christmas tree trimmed, decorating the mantel should be your next step. Stockings and a garland are traditional mantel elements, but you can go with many different color schemes. You may want to stick to traditional red and green but you can also go for something unexpected, like metallics. 

A green and gold color scheme on the Christmas tree can look great with a garland on the mantle brightened up with citrus fruit. If you love the idea of weaving in pops of color with fruit, you don’t have to stick to citrus. The deep red tones of pomegranates or berries go perfectly with more traditional Christmas colors

Create a cohesive look

Create a cohesive look in the living room by using the same kind of lighting on the Christmas tree, the door frames, and even around the windows. Bring in some seasonal foliage such as faux berry, ivy and holly branches to help create a winter wonderland look throughout the home. 

Candles add another element and you can place them strategically around the room on various surfaces together with other items like small topiary plants and glass hurricanes filled with ornaments. 

Indulge the sense of smell 

Certain scents like pine, spruce, cinnamon, cranberry and gingerbread are often associated with Christmas. You can evoke these Christmas-time cooking spices and baked goods when holding a Christmas party for college students that will make them anticipate what’s to come. 

Use scented oil warmers on side tables and dressers. Cinnamon-scented pinecones in a bowl on a coffee table will give a subtle fragrance to the living room. 


Christmas is the perfect opportunity to let your creativity shine. There are so many Christmas decorations that can make this time of the year special but you will need to prepare ahead if you want to get it right. It’s important to be cohesive in your décor and use colors, textures, smells, sights and sounds. Creating a festive atmosphere will set the tone for a wonderful festive season. 

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