10 interesting room partition ideas for small home

It is true that when you have a small home, you can’t give too many wall separators for your space because your home will be seen even smaller. However, if you don’t have any space at all, you can’t have privacy. It means that you should give at least room partition to separate the public room from your private room. Anyway, you don’t have to worry because there are some kinds of room partition that won’t make your home looks smaller. Here we have some references for you that will surely help you to find the best one for your small home. Check them out!

10 interesting room partition ideas for small home1

Wooden Room Partition


Try using a room partition to complement your small home decor so that it will make your home more organized. Choosing to use a room partition made of wood will present the perfect farmhouse appearance in your home. Wooden Room Partition from Digsdigs.

Macrame Room Partition


To improve the decoration of a small home, try using a room partition so that it will make your home more organized. You can use a macrame room partition to insulate parts of your house so it will look more creative. Don’t forget to add a wooden frame to the macrame room partition to make it look more perfect. Macramé Room Partition from Digsdigs.

Vertical Rack Partition


If you live in a small house, using a rom partition is an idea that will never fail. Choosing to use a vertical rack room partition is the perfect idea and will provide two advantages at once. Besides being a room divider, it can also be a practical storage idea. Vertical Rack Room Partition from Digsdigs.

Gilded Metal Room Partition


Using a room partition to complement the decor of a small house is an interesting idea. You can choose to use metal gilders to insulate your bedroom. Then you can also equip the metal room partition with lighting so it will look very wow. Gilded Metal Room Partition from Digsdigs.

Book Shelf Room Partition


You can complete the small home decoration with a room partition so that it will look more attractive and more organized. Try using book shelves to insulate your living room and bedroom so that it will give you a double advantage. In addition to working as a room divider it will also be a perfect book storage place. Book Shelf Room Partition from Decoist.

Rattan Room Partition


Try adding a room partition to the small home decoration so that it will look more perfect. You can use a room partition made of rattan so that it will present a perfect natural look. Using it to divide the living room and breakfast nook will bring its own charm to your home. Rattan Room Partition from Homebnc.

Laser Print Floral Partition


This small home decoration is equipped with a room partition as a divider for the dining room and family room. Having a floral pattern and simple design makes the room partition present a modern look in your home. Painting it white will make it look more elegant. Laser Print Floral Hanging from Homebnc.

Jute Room Partition


Complementing small homer decorations with room partitions is an interesting idea that you can try. You can use the room partition to divide the home office and other spaces so that it looks more organized. Choosing to use Jute room partition will present an attractive and different appearance than usual. Jute Room Partition from Homedit.

Plant Stand Room Partition


If you have a small home, try using a room partition to divide the room so it doesn’t look cramped. You can use a plant stand to divide the bedroom and other spaces so it will look more organized. The plant stand room partition which is equipped with various kinds of plants will present the perfect natural beauty in your home. Plant Stand Room Partition from Morningchores.

Glass Room Partition


To divide the space in your small home, try using a room partition. Glass room partition is the right choice because it will present a natural appearance and is suitable for small rooms. Completing the glass room partition with a wooden frame will make it look more elegant. Glass Room Partition from Digsdigs.

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