We have all been there, from whether those new curtains match the furniture cushions, down to the tones of paint you use on the walls and what your guests will think of the choice. But not everything has to be a struggle when gunning for those final touches.

Below we will discuss a few tips and tricks that will help you lessen the designer stress in your life and help you fulfil that sweet finish you need. 

Flooring is The Key

Have you ever noticed while walking into a restaurant only to stop and find yourself noticing how everything just seems open and serene, or even warm and homely? One key factor in achieving this is the flooring you choose.

Floors are the base of everything when setting up how you want your house to feel. Most designers choose to cheap out or just carpet their way through instead of investing in good quality bases. When first deciding on your floor it helps to research various sites, such as woodstonebathrooms.com to find a match that suits your needs. This will help decide whether you want to contrast the colours to achieve open spaces or match to get that warm homely feel.

Colouring Your Walls To Set The Mood

Walls are the next step in the design process. First decide whether you want to contrast or match the floors, and how the lighting will bring the pair together. Colour plays an important role in how the human eye feels about a room: think to yourself, will this colour make me feel a certain way standing in this room and is it the feeling I want to create? There are hundreds of guides on how you can get that right feeling.

Once you have picked through the endless spectrum and found “the one”, it’s off to your nearest paint and hardware store to see the various mixing options available to you to make this colour come to life. Remember, an incorrect mix of tone or shade can give your colours a whole new feeling, so make sure you work with the professionals if you aren’t too sure about mixing.

Lighting Your Way To Your Design

So, the boards have been laid in place and your walls look and feel the way you’ve always wanted them to, what’s next? Before we even think about furnishing a room, there’s still one very important aspect we have to consider: Lighting. It’s the fundamental element when thinking about what the room will be used for. Whether you decide it’s an open space just off your kitchen for you and the girls to have wine in or a warm seating area in front of a cosy fire, you need to know how that lighting will affect the base designs you already have in place.

Now that your dream room is ready and you have perfected the basic elements, it’s up to you to bring in those expensive furniture catalogues you’ve been saving for a rainy day and finally bring your dream design to life.

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