10 variations of the snowman ornament2

Your winter decoration won’t be perfect without the snowman ornament. It’s like something that should be there to complete your winter atmosphere. Anyway, for the snowman ornament, you can use it to beautify both your indoor and outdoor decorations. The materials that are used for the snowman will also be varied that could be adjusted based on the place where you place it. Deciding the size of the snowman based on its function. For example, if you want to place it on the floor, you can make it big. Then, if you want to use it for your table decoration, create a small one. The inspiration of the snowman designs below will be surely inspiring.

10 variations of the snowman ornament1


Grab an unused sweater and make cute winter crafts. You can make a snowman ornament with a white sweater so it will look attractive and still be cheap. Then you can decorate it with buttons, hats, and others so it will look more beautiful. Sweater Snowman Ornament from Countryliving.


Snowman is one of the ornaments that will never fail to complete winter decorations in your home. Choosing to use a snowman ornament made of wooden slices is an interesting idea. Then you can paint it white and display it on the table so it will be the perfect centerpiece in winter. Wooden Slice Snowman from Hative.


Using milk jugs to make snowman ornaments is an interesting idea. All you have to do is clean the milk jug and put a string light in it. Then you can fill the outside with a snowman set so it will look perfect. Milk Jug Snowman from Hative.

1 02-3d-snowman-decoration-for-your-front-porch

Complementing winter home decor with a snowman is an idea that will never fail. You can use a 3D snowman made of wood so that it will bring the perfect farmhouse touch. Then you can place it on the front door so that it will bring its own charm to your home. Wooden Snowman Ornament from Digsdigs.

1 04-easy-diy-snowman-using-recycled-pizza-pans-and-a-cookie-sheet

You can add a snowman to your winter home decor to make it look more attractive. Choosing to use a snowman ornament made of pizza pants is an interesting idea so that it will look unique. Then you can paint it white and add accessories to make it look more attractive. Pizza Pants Snowman from Digsdigs.

1 05-make-your-own-snowman-of-nig-pumpkins-paints-a-scarf-and-a-beanie

Using pumpkins to make winter crafts is an interesting idea. You can use a white painted pumpkin to make a snowman ornament. Then you can add scarves and hats before displaying them outdoors so they will look perfect. Pumpkin Snowman from Digsdigs.


Using a glass jar to make winter ornaments is a creative idea that you can try now. You can make a snowman ornament using a glass jar so it will look unique. Then you can display it with lanterns, evergreens and pine cones so it will look more perfect. Glass Jar Snowman from Christmas.365greetings.


To complete the winter décor in your home, try making a DIY snowman craft. you can make it using a jar lid so it’s cheaper and easier to make. Painting it white and displaying it on the table will be the perfect focal point in your home. Jar Lid Snowman Ornament from Christmas.365greetings.


Try to complete the winter decoration by using a snowman ornament. You can make a DIY snowman ornament using white yarn and glue. Then you can decorate it with a scarf and place it outside so that it will be an inspiration for everyone who sees it. White Yarn Snowman from Christmas.365greetings.


Using snowman ornaments for winter outdoor decoration ideas is an interesting idea that you should try now. You can make a snowman using a wooden sump so it will give a natural look. Then you can paint it white and add a scarf to make it look real. Wooden Stump Snowman from Thepioneerwoman.




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