Many people love cleaning. It’s the only time when you get to zone out and not think about work or school or any other responsibilities in life. But for many, cleaning is a tedious chore that gets put off for weeks on end. The reason is simple: it can be hard to find the motivation to clean if you are doing it alone without proper tools.

Fortunately, with a few solid cleaning supplies and the right tools, any job you’re dreading can be made much easier. Instead of wasting hours on one room or your entire home, you will find yourself finishing tasks quickly and moving on to other things in life! Whether you need to clean your ceilings or dust your bookshelves, here are 6 great tools that can make cleaning more manageable.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A robot vacuum cleaner is a device that cleans floors by itself. Even though they are not the cheapest cleaning supplies available, they can make maintaining a spotless home much easier and more convenient. This cleaning supply comes with different attachments such as brushes and sometimes even filters to clean every corner of the room. This is especially good for people with pets or hardwood floors that get dirty easily. The biggest benefit of using robot vacs is that they allow you to clean your home while you’re at work or even when you’re out of town. Your floors will always be clean if your robot vacuum is running on schedule.

Furniture Polish

Furniture polish can be used on many different surfaces including wood and leather items. It doesn’t just cover up odors and marks — polishing a surface helps protect against dirt buildup that leads to scratches and cracks. If you want to keep your wood furniture in great shape, applying a solid coating of polish once or twice a year will make it last much longer. Most types even add a bit of shine by leaving a thin film on the surface of the item. This is especially important for darker surfaces that show every mark. You will also need to polish your leather furniture and accessories at least once a month to keep them looking their best, so having an effective product is a must.

Dust Pan and Brush Set

A dustpan, brush set comes in handy when cleaning hard-to-reach places. Whether you have an upstairs or just need to clean the edges of your home window sills, this tool will help you get the job done quickly. A great dual-purpose cleaning supply for people who often find themselves reaching for things when cleaning. They are inexpensive tools that can make your life much easier when it comes to tidying up. When buying one, make sure to get a dustpan and brush set that has rubber grips on the handle as this will help you when removing leftover dirt from the brush onto the pan.

Hand-Held Steam Cleaner

This is a great tool for quickly and effectively killing 99% of dirt and germs that may be living on your furniture. Steam cleaners kill bacteria and also help remove stains from upholstery as well as eliminate nasty carpet odors. There are many types of steam carpet cleaners available but handheld steam cleaners will allow you to quickly clean hard surfaces such as floors, countertops, and even cabinets without having to use chemical cleaners. They usually come with different attachments so you can easily switch between light and heavy-duty cleaning tasks – and they often run on electricity for convenience.

Microfiber Towels

The difference between microfiber towels and regular cotton towels is that microfiber cloths contain very fine fibers that pick up dirt particles much better than other materials found in the traditional laundry or kitchen towels. These types of towels are also very absorbent meaning they will help you clean faster and reduce the amount of water needed to get a job done. Microfiber cloths are more effective at removing dirt than cotton towels, but one downside is that they can become soiled easier due to their finer construction. Microfiber rags pick up everything from pet hair to spilled food quickly and easily. So if you find yourself cleaning more often than you’d like, microfiber rags may be a great option for your home.

Hose Nozzle

A hose nozzle attaches to your garden hose and allows you to direct the water flow, similar to a showerhead. It’s perfect for cleaning down the decking, washing your car, removing leaves from gutters, or sprucing up your plants. The attachment makes it easier to clean large areas of the exterior in less time than if you were using just your garden hose alone. Just make sure you don’t blast water in any direction where it can do damage like towards windows or doors because it may break them.


When cleaning your home, you must have the right tools for the job. The ones mentioned in this article are great options to help make your cleaning tasks easier regardless of what surfaces you need to clean. Each allows you to complete jobs faster or do them more effectively which in turn will save you time and money in the long run. So next time you clean, remember to include them in your cleaning supply arsenal – it’ll make your life much easier.

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