Concrete floors are durable, low-maintenance, and easy to clean. They are also versatile enough to suit any design style thanks to concrete’s natural variations in color and texture. But with so many stone flooring options available today, finding the time to maintain your concrete floors can be difficult. That’s why we have compiled a list of hacks that will help you keep your concrete floors looking their best! Read this article to learn how to maintain your concrete floors and prevent permanent damage.

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Have A Sealer Applied To Your Concrete Floor

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to maintaining your concrete floors is having a sealer applied. A sealer protects a concrete floor from staining and dulling, which it is especially prone to when foot traffic is involved. Sealers also add a glossy shine to your floor, making it more aesthetically pleasing. When choosing a sealer for your concrete floor, be sure to select one that will not alter the appearance of your floor. For example, using a dark sealer on light concrete is not recommended. If you are uncertain about what kind of sealer to use on your floor, consult with the experts at your local hardware store or building center.

Do Not Use Acidic Products On Your Concrete Floor

Using acidic products on a regular basis will cause permanent damage to your concrete floor. These types of products include vinegar, lemon juice, soda pop, and wine. Also avoid using bleach, which is an extremely harsh cleaning agent that will strip the sealer of your concrete floor. Using these products on your floor will not only cause discoloration but can make the surface porous making it more susceptible to staining in the future. It is best to clean your floor with warm water or something that has been recommended by the manufacturer of the sealer you use on your floor.

Protect Your Floor From Staining

One of the most common ways to damage a concrete floor is by allowing it to become stained. There are a few things you can do to help protect your floor from staining. The first is to place mats or rugs at all entrances and exits of your home. This will help catch any dirt, debris, or moisture before it has a chance to damage your floor. You should also avoid tracking any type of dirt or mud onto your floor. If you do track something on your floor, be sure to clean it up right away. A quick and easy way to clean up dirt and mud is by using a damp towel or mop.


Regular Moping Is The Key 

In order to keep your concrete floors looking their best, it is important to mop them on a regular basis, for example, once a day. This will remove any dirt, dust, or debris that has built up on the surface of your floor. Also, it is a good idea to clean your floor with a warm, soapy solution at least once a week. For the best results, be sure to use a microfiber mop or rag as they are lint-free and will pick up any particles that have been left behind from regular mopping.

Avoid Using Sharp Objects On Your Concrete Floor

Cosmetic damage like scratches and scuffs can happen very easily on a concrete floor. You can prevent scratches and scuffs by using common sense when walking around on your floor. Wearing shoes with rubber soles will help as they do not produce as much friction as other types of soles, such as leather or plastic. If you have small children, try to keep toys that could cause scratches or scuffs, such as toy cars or dolls, off of your floor. Also, do not allow your pets on your floor. Although they are natural cleaners, their paws can cause scratches or scuffs if they do not have the proper traction.

Repair Cosmetic Damage To Your Floor

If you do happen to get scratches or scuffs on your concrete floor, don’t fret! You can still repair the damage. Use a touch-up pen or marker to cover up the blemish. If the scratch or scuff is a little more serious, you can use concrete floor paint to disguise it. Just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application.

This article has provided you with concrete flooring hacks that will help maintain your floors for years to come. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And these tips are just what you need to prevent staining and other types of damage so it’s easier than ever before to take care of your own home or business!

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