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Warm weather automatically makes us think of outdoor cooking, picnics, camping dinners, backyard barbecues, and entertaining on the patio. Think about it: what could be more picturesque than spending time with friends and family during a picnic or camping trip? You can choose whether to prepare your meal in the middle of the forest near your campsite or your backyard on a grill. During these times when you are under the stars or the sun, surrounded by your friends and family with the sounds of sizzling food in the background, our meals and experiences are most meaningful. Asides from the memories, outdoor cooking provides many other benefits, including health benefits. So what do you need to create such events and memories, considering that cooking requires heavy equipment? Here are the top portable and lightweight items that you need to buy to enjoy delicious food outdoors.


The Weber Baby Q Perth

Weber’s Baby Q series offers portable and lightweight barbecue options to cater to the needs of travel enthusiasts and can also make the perfect outdoor kitchen companion. A Weber Baby Q barbecue is built with high-quality premium materials and backed by Weber’s five-year limited warranty. It will be a welcome addition to your fixed or portable home. The Weber Baby Q stockist offers a portable grill to cook over 100 barbeque recipes with just one 9kg bottle of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). It is also very simple to set up. If you plan on travelling with your Weber Baby Q, you can arrive at your destination and get cooking within minutes.

A Portable Chopping Board

You can indeed slice citrus, chop potatoes, and mince fresh herbs before you leave home, but something about doing the entire preparation outdoors is so satisfying. Consider getting an outdoor cutting board. To make things even more convenient, consider one that holds not only a knife but also kitchen shears and tongs. You will never have to cut anything awkwardly on a paper plate again.

Enamelware Dishes

Since the environmental movement calls for reducing carbon footprint, virtually no one ever feels good about disposing of plastic utensils and plates. If you’re camping or attending a picnic, the trash disposal situation won’t be ideal either. Get rid of it once and for all with a set of durable enamelware dishes. Nearly every camping and outdoor enthusiast recommends durable enamelware. Getting matching cutlery for your dishes could also add a touch of aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, enamelware dishes are extremely lightweight.


Food Storage Containers and Drink Coolers

With useful and affordable food containers, you can keep food fresh and organised when cooking outdoors. You can find food containers of various sizes and shapes, keeping food fresh and protecting any type of food. Get reusable, lightweight storage containers to help organize your food preparation and make serving throughout faster and more efficient, with less wastage. Additionally, you should invest in portable coolers that will allow you to keep your drinks cold until you are ready to drink them. One of the best things you can give yourself after a long trip is a cold drink in warm weather.

Certainly, the choice of equipment for your outdoor cooking depends on what meals you decide to prepare. However, this list contains four pieces of equipment you should not skip as they will make your outdoor cooking experience entirely worthwhile. 


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