People will sometimes deny any kind of professional help for the small things they can do alone. Whether it is to hammer a few nails or to tighten a few screws, you need some tools to figure these things out. You will not need too professional tools for these things, just the ones that will have your job done. To have you and your team properly equipped, here is a small list of the things you will need to have in your tool bag. 


Claw Hammer and Tape Measure 

A none tool bag is complete without a good quality hammer and at least a 25-foot long measure tape. Besides classic hammer which is an absolute must-have, but having a claw hammer beside you will give you a hand in both, construction and demolition. Wooden handles are attractive, classic, and sharp. Even though it sounds like nonsense, wooden handles are more comfortable but less durable in comparison to fiberglass handles. Another absolute must-have in your tool bag is the tape measure. This tape not only completes the handyman look, but it will also relieve your job. A good quality tape will give you a hand for a long period of time and will save you some money and time. Additionally, a cheap and flimsy tape is not reliable, it is difficult to be handled and can even break on the spot. 

Adjustable Wrench 

A wrench set is an amazing thing to have in your tool bag since it can solve a number of different problems. But, if you have a problem with space, then you should try something more versatile. The solution to this is an adjustable wrench, there is an adjustable spanner that will put the entire wrench kit in a single tool. This tool is super handy and useful if you are doing any mechanic-related job. 


Chainsaw is a massive but essential part of the equipment any handyman needs to have in the possession. When it comes to some more massive woodworks, then chainsaw is an absolute mandatory item to have. There are chainsaws for more fine works- the ones that are used for wood carving; chainsaws of cutting- these are used for woodcut and are used for some more massive projects. Sometimes, handymen can find themselves in the dilemma of which chainsaw is the best one, some of the reviews are available at, where you can find some of the information for 8 best cordless chainsaws today. In the final line, you must be careful with handling the chainsaw and always wear protective equipment. 


The tool bag is not complete without a hacksaw. Even though chainsaws are much faster, sometimes there is no need for them, since the job to be done is not so demanding or seeks usage of any serious, mechanic tools. A wood saw is practical for woodcut and fine works and is also great for cutting materials that are not wood. Also, you will need a hacksaw for shortening a pipe, plastics, etc. It is important for it to be sharp enough and to have a handle of good quality. In this line, it is smart to have a few extra blades in case that the one in use is damaged. 


Screwdriver Set 

Next to hammer and tape measure, screwdrivers are a must-have. They can have so many other uses except for being used for tightening some skewers. Besides this, the handle of the screwdriver can be used for hammering a few nails if you do not have a hammer nearby. The top of a screwdriver is usually magnetic so it can help you reach some tiny metal pieces stuck in a narrow place. Screwdrivers come in different sizes because of the different sizes of the screwers. However, there are screwdrivers that have a flip head, so they can be both phillips and flathead screwdrivers. These are practical and save a lot of space in comparison to the separate screwdrivers in different sizes. 


Even though, all the previously listed tools are a mandatory part of any tool bag. These effective multi-tool devices are ideal for some long-distance fixes where you are not in a position to wear the bags with massive tools. These are ideal since they may contain more than seventeen functions and are designed in a way to have them all in one place.  

Having some tools in your house is obligatory because you can figure out some small fixes on your own without asking for the help of a professional. However, if you are a professional handyman then you must possess some serious pieces of equipment. 


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