The pool is a great way to have fun and enjoy the hot summer months with friends and family. However, cleaning and maintaining the pool is a chore, and people rarely love to do it. Besides, people find it hard to clean and manage the pools that have become dirty. 

If you face problems related to the cleaning or management of pools, scroll below to know the five simple ways to keep your pool in top condition.  

  • Install Solar Pool Cover 

Though there are several options to cover your pool, installing a top solar pool cover would be a great option. Firstly, the ultraviolet rays of the sunlight can reduce chlorine in water by 90% in just two hours. The cover prevents the ultraviolet rays from reaching your pool, which means that the chemicals in water for keeping it safe for swimming will last longer. Secondly, the solar pool cover allows the sunlight to permeate. This way, the temperature of the pool naturally rises. Regardless of the thickness of the top solar pool cover, once you install the cover, you will notice a considerable difference in your pool’s temperature.

  • Invest in Robotic Pool Cleaner

Since the pool is generally not covered, dirt and debris like dry leaves and twigs end up in your pool. If you are not regular with the cleaning, it can become difficult to clean the pool manually later on. In such a scenario, investing in a good robotic pool cleaner would be great for removing the unwanted particles floating in the water or submerged in the pool. 

Besides, not just the surface water, the robotic pool cleaner can clean the pool’s walls, stairs, floor, and coves. Depending on the machine and its strength, the automatic pool cleaner can clean around 8400 sq. in 8 hours and filter 40000liters/hours. 

Almost every robotic cleaner comes with an intelligent programming feature and can climb up to 6 ft. The robotic pool cleaner also comes with scrubbing wheels and powerful pump motors for filtering. 

  • Run Your Pool Pump Twice a Day 

The pool pump can be used to clean water daily. The pump pulls water from the swimming pool through the skimmer and main drain and then pushes it back into the main pool. The water passes through the filter when you run the pump, removes the dirt and debris, and cleans the water. 

  • Daily Skimming

If you want to keep the pool clean, you should make it a habit to skim the debris every day that is collected over the water. Grass, dead bugs, leaves, and other unpleasantries build up on the surface of the water and eventually sink. Hence, it would help if you could daily skim and remove the debris. Besides, if you skim your pool daily, you do not even have to indulge in intense cleaning tasks later. Secondly, it would be best if you scrubbed your walls at least every other week. Lastly, you need to vacuum the pool with a sand filter to manage the pool’s cleanliness.

  • Hire Professionals 

If you own a pool but do not have the time to clean and maintain the pool yourself, hire professionals who clean and maintain the pool regularly. The pool cleaning professionals carry all the essential equipment needed to clean the pool so that you do not have to hustle over the right cleaning solutions and tools.

The next time you look at your dirty pool and think of the ways in which it can be cleaned, try using these tips for cleaning and maintaining the pool. 


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