Condensation on double glazed wooden windows due to cold bridging, uk

Timber sash windows are a traditional building material used in new builds and refurbishment projects. They were first made popular in the UK during the Victorian era, although they have been around for longer. The introduction of modern glazing systems has led to a decline in their popularity. However, some sectors still demand, such as heritage construction.


There are many companies in London to choose from when looking for a company to make timber sash windows. Lomax + Wood windows in London is surely one of the hottest online queries in the area, as these guys will offer you all the advice you need. If they are an experienced company, they will have a thorough knowledge of making timber sash windows to suit your exact requirements.

1. Screwdriver Drill

A drill is used to make holes in timber frames for screws and nails. It has an electric motor that rotates the bit at high speeds, allowing you to drill through wood very easily. 

There are two different kinds of drills: cordless and corded. 

A cordless drill uses batteries instead of electricity from a power outlet, while a corded one plugs into the wall socket like any other electrical device. 

Cordless drills tend to be smaller and lighter than their counterparts. So they are more portable but have less power, which can limit your ability to work with thicker materials such as masonry or metal beams on some job sites where cords cannot reach outlying areas.

2. Saws

Different saws are used to cut the timber into size. The main saws are a chop saw, a band saw, and a scroll saw.

The chop saw is used to quickly and easily cut timber to length. It has a circular blade that swings down onto the timber and cuts it.

The band saw has a continuous band of metal teeth that runs along the edge of a wheel. The wheel spins around, and the band moves up and down, allowing it to cut through wood very quickly.

The scroll saw is similar in shape to a bandsaw but has a much smaller blade that moves up and down rapidly. It allows you to make more intricate shapes with our timber frames.

3. Chisels

A chisel is a tool that has a sharp blade on one end and a handle on the other. It cut away the wood and created the desired shape. Chisels remove waste material from joints and shape mortise and tenon joints. You use high-angle plane chisels with a higher bevel angle than traditional chisels, cutting cleaner and faster.

4. Hammers, Clamps, and Measuring Devices


These tools are used for various purposes, such as driving nails, holding pieces of timber in place while they are being worked on, and measuring dimensions

Hammers come in different shapes and sizes depending on the task at hand. 

Clamps help to secure pieces of timber together so that they don’t move around while being worked on. 

And finally, measuring devices allow you to measure the dimensions of your workpieces accurately.

These are some of the most common tools to make timber sash windows. Each one has a specific purpose and ensures accurate and efficient work. You rely on these tools to help create beautiful, high-quality windows that will last for many years.

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