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Today, many students prefer living in a dorm rather than renting a flat. And no wonder why! In fact, this kind of accommodation has its advantages. Let’s consider some of them below! 


The pros of living in a dorm 


The first and most obvious benefit of dorms is proximity. Staying there is very practical since you can get anywhere on campus in less than an hour. Just imagine that your classes will be a five-minute walk from your place, isn’t it great? You can save both time and money on transport. 


Living on campus means being surrounded by a large bunch of people. The student dorm gives you a sense of community and allows you to meet hundreds of like-minded people. What’s more, you can learn something new from them. Additionally, you have a myriad of choices from which to pick friends. And another good thing is that you can see them every day.


It’s quite easy to meet study buddies on campus. In such an environment, you can find a reading partner who shares the same learning goals as you or a person who wants to create a semester project with you. You also don’t have to spend hours on assignments alone since you can complete them together with your classmates. 


You can find some fun activities on your campus too. Schools as well as dorms often have movie nights, painting workshops and dance competitions for their students, so you can attend them to relax after classes. Trying new activities from time to time can reboot your brain and make learning even more effective.



Sometimes, dorm rooms may be quite expensive. However, your day expenses will be even higher if you decide to live on your own. You will have to pay for gas and electricity as well as spend some amount of money on everyday commuting. Buying products to cook also may take up a big part of your monthly budget. But if you live on campus , you can eat for cheap in a dining hall. 

Despite all those advantages mentioned above, it can still be inconvenient for some students to live in a dorm. Why? Because the rooms are usually not that cozy. However, you can easily change the atmosphere there by yourself. Before we find out how to do it, let’s discuss how to carve out a few hours for decorating your room

How to find some spare time? 

Typically, a student schedule is extremely busy. It’s full of classes, extracurricular activities and assessments. It may be really hard to find time for what you want to do. Luckily, there is a great solution for those who don’t want to study non-stop and seek a more balanced life. You can use the Studyclerk services, which is an assignment writing company that completes homework for students. Its specialists can craft a paper of any complexity in almost any discipline. So instead of spending hours in front of the computer, you can decorate your room. 

Decoration ideas for your dorm room 

Create a photo wall 

Every student living away from their family feels homesick. To have reminders of some nice memorable moments with your family and friends, you can make a photo wall. It’s a fantastic way to brighten up your room and feel the presence of your loved ones. If you want to be creative, you can not just attach photos directly onto your wall but put them in a heart shape. 

Add lights

Lights create a special atmosphere in any space. If you want to have a soft glow, buy a bedside lamp. You can also wrap twinkle lights around a bed frame to create a wonderful ambiance for movie nights and reading. It would also be nice to hang a strand of globe lights over your table. 

Put a rug on the floor 

Dorm rooms usually have cement floors or thin carpets, which is not cozy at all. To create a homely atmosphere, put a bright rug next to your bed. It will add a pop of color and softness underfoot. 

Bring some plants

If you want your room to look more fresh, you should add greenery to it. In case you don’t have time to take care of your plants, you can pick some low-maintenance varieties, such as Aloe and Zamioculcas. Put your plants into nice colorful pots and place them on your nightstand or hang from a hook.

Hang curtains 

Another thing that will create a homey feel is curtains. Curtains do not only add privacy but also give the feel of a finished room. Besides, light-blocking curtains will improve your sleep. But if you want your dorm room to look airy and bright, opt for sheer curtains that gently filter light. 

Author’s BIO

Angela Boggs is an interior designer. She makes living spaces functional and beautiful at the same time. Angela loves using decorative items to create a special atmosphere. 

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